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Carolin Treichl

Executive Vice President Marketing & Communications
Kapsch TrafficCom AG
Am Europlatz 2, 1120 Vienna, Austria

+43 50 811
Sandra Bijelic

Head of Corporate Communications
Kapsch TrafficCom AG
Am Europlatz 2, 1120 Vienna, Austria

+43 50 811
13. March 2023
Congestion-hit cities must do more to improve traffic

Congestion is a serious issue for Latin American cities, and it is only getting worse.

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9. March 2023
Modern tolling technology for Norwegian ferries

AutoPASS solution for the Norwegian ferry connection Bognes-Lødingen.

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28. February 2023
Millions of Seville citizens to benefit from smart mobility management

Improved traffic flow and elevated environmental protection with first deployment of Mobility Data Platform.

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23. February 2023
The Green Gantry rings in the next phase of sustainable traffic infrastructure

Kapsch TrafficCom has developed the Green Gantry, an alternative hybrid design based on wood instead of metal. 

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10. February 2023
CO2 savings of up to 20 percent: Digitally controlled Clean Air Zones help reduce transport emissions

Since 1990, emissions in Europe have fallen more than 30%. However, this hides the fact that transport emission have yet to follow the trend ....

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8. February 2023
Latvia: High-tech traffic management system to reduce crash risk

On a 23km stretch on Pan-European highway E-67 circling Riga, technology by Kapsch TrafficCom will make the highway traffic safer and more sustainable.

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19. January 2023
Tolling system improves traffic for more than 60 million Brazilians

March 2023: Tolling system by Kapsch TrafficCom on the highway between the Brazilian megacity Rio de Janeiro and Santos

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22. December 2022
Global sustainability platform CDP recognizes Kapsch TrafficCom

Kapsch TrafficCom is participating in the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) for the second time and has improved upon last year’s rating.

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20. December 2022
New York speeds up traffic with award-winning cashless tolling system by Kapsch TrafficCom

Kapsch TrafficCom USA announces the delivery completion for a new tolling system covering four bridges and two tunnels between New York and New Jersey.

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13. December 2022
Monterrey – Saltillo highway stands out for its high-tech traffic management system by Kapsch TrafficCom

This year, the Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) implemented by Kapsch TrafficCom began operating on the Monterrey – Saltillo highway.

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