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Career opportunities at Kapsch TrafficCom 


Prepare yourself for the future - complete an apprenticeship at Kapsch TrafficCom.

Discover. Learn. Experience. Technology as a whole.

Are you interested in IT and technology? Do you enjoy administrative work? Would you like to work with colleagues from all over the world? Then Kapsch TrafficCom is the right place for you!

Take a look at what our apprentices have to say about their training:

Does that sound exciting to you? Then apply for an apprenticeship at one of the world's leading technology companies and discover the world of mobility and communication with many inspiring colleagues around the globe.

We are proud to have been training apprentices for more than 75 year ...

Being an apprentice at Kapsch TrafficCom means not only being well trained, but also becoming part of the Kapsch TrafficCom family in the future-oriented business field of traffic solutions for sustainable mobility. During your training, you will gain a comprehensive overview of the global company structure and all work processes. Network with your colleagues worldwide, share the team spirit and have fun with the exciting topics of the future!

For many years, more than a third of our graduates have completed their training with honors. This is something we are very proud of. If you are not yet 100% sure whether you would like to become an apprentice at Kapsch TrafficCom, we invite you to attend one of our annual "Trial Days for new Apprentices". These days give you the chance to get an impression of the company through discussions, tours and games, and to learn about the exciting opportunities that await you at Kapsch.

Here you can contact us to register directly for one of our upcoming Trial Days.

Technical Apprenticeship

Your Technical Apprenticeship - IT Systems Engineering Apprenticeship

After a "get-to-know-you" week, during which introductory sessions are held on topics such as sources of danger, safety, first aid and accident prevention, you will be introduced to the content of the apprenticeship during your training period.

During the first two years of the apprenticeship, training takes place in the specially equipped training workshop. At Johann Hoffmann Platz 9, 1120 Vienna, there are a total of 24 training and technical rooms and a mechanical workshop.

Mathematical basics and spatial representations of objects are repeated and consolidated. Getting to know the different tools and machines is one of the prerequisites for being able to deal with the basics of mechatronics, electronics, digital and communication technology and, in the course of the apprenticeship, to deal in depth with IT technology with networks, special server services and other focal points.

You will spend the last two years of your apprenticeship (years 3 and 4) in your team in the specialist department. Here, you will be able to demonstrate the knowledge you have acquired in the first two years of training, as well as deepen and apply your professional skills in accordance with the job description and requirements.

You will also be offered the following activities:

Company excursions (e.g. Technical Museum, Kapsch Museum, Kapsch, etc.), Christmas and summer projects (where you can apply your knowledge), participation in information events at educational institutions.

Commercial Apprenticeship

As a commercial apprentice at Kapsch TrafficCom, you will start your training directly in the relevant department after the "get-to-know-you" week. The departments change every six months to give you an overview of which departments are necessary in a company, how tasks overlap and how important communication and teamwork are in the daily work routine. As an apprentice, you will have the support of your colleagues, who will always be there to help you.

During your commercial training, you will pass through some of these departments: Procurement, Sales, Customer Support, Marketing, Finance, Controlling, Human Resources, Department Assistant, Project Management and more.

During the training period in the company, you will have to attend the appropriate vocational school to deepen your theoretical and practical knowledge and take exams according to the training period.

In addition, there is a possibility for all apprentices with excellent performance to deepen their professional knowledge and foreign language skills with an internship abroad.

At the end of your three-year apprenticeship, you will take your final apprenticeship examination (LAP) and can be taken on by a department.

Various courses are offered in addition to the apprenticeship:

First Aid Course, Social Competence, Reading Training, Intensive English Course, Telephone and Communication Training, etc.

Additional Offerings

English Course Specialisation 

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First Aid Course

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Apprentice Projects

Driverless transport system - a project by our Kapsch apprentices

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Cooperation with "Maker Austria"

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Cooperation with Maker Austria

Cooperation project with FH Technikum Vienna: Finger- & lip-mouse

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Challenge yourself

Are you interested in technology in general, or are you a semi-expert? Here you can test your knowledge on topics relevant to technical education and get immediate feedback. Let’s go - challenge yourself!


Make Kapsch TrafficCom the cornerstone of your career.

Your internship at Kapsch TrafficCom

Discover the exciting world of innovative solutions for sustainable mobility while you are still at school or university. At Kapsch TrafficCom, one of the most important technology companies in Austria, more than 4,000 employees worldwide work on solutions for sustainable mobility, traffic and infrastructure.

In other words: We are shaping the future.

During your internship, you can be a part of this by taking the right steps for your professional future and gaining practical experience during your school, university or college education. You will gain experience in the working world, have the opportunity to apply what you have learned, and make valuable contacts for the next step in your future.

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UNI / FH Internship 

Explore the world of mobility at Kapsch TrafficCom

You are currently a student at a university or university of applied sciences and are completing your bachelor's and/or master's degree in one of the following fields:

Business Informatics, Software Development, Electrical Engineering, IT, Telecommunications, Technical Mathematics, Physics ...

During your internship at Kapsch TrafficCom you will have the opportunity to complement your university education with practical experience, to apply your knowledge and to gain first impressions and experience for your future career. You will gain a comprehensive insight into the areas of responsibility of the respective departments and can already work on exciting projects.

Throughout your internship, you will be assigned a mentor/colleague to help you with any questions or concerns you may have.

If there is no internship available at the moment, we would be happy if you would keep an eye on our current vacancies or apply proactively.

If you are interested, please send your written application to Tatiana Rezan-Sirotinskis.



  • Technical internship for university and university of applied sciences students at Kapsch
  • Full-time employment (38.5 hours per week) with a flexible working schedule; part-time employment is possible depending on the department
  • Locations: mainly Vienna and Klagenfurt
  • Get to know Kapsch TrafficCom and its respective departments, take on your own areas of responsibility and make valuable contacts for the future
  • Each intern is accompanied and supported during the internship

Join Kapsch Trafficcom from HTL / HTBLA

Your entry after your vocational baccalaureate.

Direct entry into the specialist department

Have you already gained some experience through internships and projects, or do you bring experience from your previous job? Are you committed and do you want to be part of an innovative team that is curious and courageous in its search for new solutions to help shape the future? Then this is the right place for you!

Kapsch TrafficCom offers talents who are interested in technology and have graduated from a technical high school (HTL/ HTBLA) a direct entry into a team in various departments - without having to go through a long university or technical college. Right from the start, you will be part of a team in a specialist department, have your own responsibilities and work across teams to find solutions for our customers.

From order entry to support and handover to our customer, you can use your expertise to contribute ideas and implement solutions, helping to drive digitalization.

Training and development opportunities are available from the start: Workshops on communication and team development, as well as individual personal development offerings. In this way, you can develop your career from junior to senior.


  • Career entry as HTL / HTBLA graduate in the specialist field
  • Junior positions in areas such as cyber security, network technology, ...
  • Working in teams
  • Innovative projects
  • Extensive certification opportunities up to expert level
  • Individual modules for personal development
  • Flexible working time models with home office option
  • Support from a personal mentor
  • Application via
  • Selection procedure: Multi-stage interview process

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