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Kapsch TrafficCom Austria Benefits

Excellent learning opportunities, internationally competitive salary and location-based benefits within Kapsch TrafficCom.

Kapsch TrafficCom offers numerous national and international career opportunities.

These are just a few of the reasons why you should apply to Kapsch TrafficCom Austria:

  • Company Laptop / Smartphone

    For the home office or when traveling, employees are equipped with a laptop and a smartphone.

  • Career Mobility

    We offer each individual employee a wide range of global initiatives, such as career coaching, mentoring and the Expert Career Path, to help them realize their personal career interests.

  • Learning and Development

    Includes webinars, e-learning, training, workshops, meetings, and conferences for personal and professional development.

  • Job Rotation

    We support the exchange! Our colleagues have the opportunity to do a job rotation in another team/branch/country.

  • Hotline / OpenLine2CEO

    If you have a concern, you can contact the CEO. There is a forum and also an OpenLine2CEO.

  • Diversity & Inclusion

    For us, diversity of people and lifestyles means that no one is excluded. Everyone's individuality is recognized and valued because diversity is enriching - regardless of gender, age, social or ethnic origin, sexual orientation, religious affiliation or belief, physical or mental ability, or any other characteristic.

  • Family Business

    Our open company culture is characterized by respect, appreciation, equal opportunity and transparency.

  • Family Time

    We support the reconciliation of family and career, encourage parental leave and family time bonus, and make it easier to return to work after a break.

  • Balance

    Flexible work schedules, no core hours, and the option to work from home 60% of the time allow our employees to balance work and personal life.

  • Bridge Days & Christmas Holidays

    On bridging days and at the turn of the year, employees are off work with full pay - for normal working hours. Depending on the type of employment, vacation/time off must be used.

  • Celebrations / Events

    We like to celebrate with our employees. In the summer/fall, at Christmas and of course on anniversaries.

  • Employee Benefits

    Lunch vouchers and a variety of great deals on various services and products from our partners are available.

  • Company Doctor

    We take care of the health of our employees (preventive health care, vaccination service, life balance programs, etc.).

  • Resilience & Care Counselor 

    All employees have access to a Resilience and Care Counselor, in addition to the company physician, to support and guide you through challenges in your personal or professional life.

  • Public Accessibility

    Job Ticket on Top! Our locations are easily accessible by public transportation, but discounted parking is also available for those who drive.

  • Pension Plan

    We provide for the future - as part of the KTC family, your future is provided for when you join us.
    Our Kapsch TrafficCom Austria pension plan is designed to help you provide for your retirement and save for your life's dreams after you retire.

All aboard, please: Your start at Kapsch TrafficCom

During the onboarding process, new employees receive general information about Kapsch TrafficCom.

At Kapsch TrafficCom, every employee has the opportunity to pursue an individual career path based on his or her personal interests. Together with our HR experts and the respective leader, this path is designed in a thoughtful and goal-oriented manner.

An investment in knowledge pays the best interest:
Lifelong learning plays an important role in our company. Depending on the direction of your career, you can choose from a variety of learning options.


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