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Financial calendar –
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Get an overview of the most important dates!

The dates listed below are fixed, but not set in stone.
They may change during the course of the year, and new dates might be added.
Please check back for updates.

Upcoming dates:
June 19, 2024Results FY 2023/24
August 21, 2024Results Q1 2024/25
August 25, 2024Record Date: Annual General Meeting                                                
September 4, 2024Annual General Meeting
November 20, 2024Results H1 2024/25
February 19, 2025Results Q1-Q3 2024/25


Past dates:
June 14, 2023Results FY 2022/23
August 17, 2023Results Q1 2023/24
August 27, 2023Record Date: Annual General Meeting                                               
September 6, 2023Annual General Meeting
November 15, 2023Results H1 2023/24
February 21, 2024Results Q1-Q3 2023/24


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Financial year 2022/23:
June 15, 2022Results FY 2021/22
August 17, 2022Results Q1 2022/23
August 28, 2022Record Date: Annual General Meeting                                                  
September 7, 2022Annual General Meeting
October 5/6, 2022The finest CEElection Investor Conference – Online Days
November 16, 2022Results H1 2022/23
January 9/10, 202326th ODDO BHF Forum
February 22, 2023Results Q1-Q3 2022/23
Financial year 2021/22:
April 7th, 2021Digital Austrian Equity Days, Paris (FR)
April 12/13th, 2021Institutional Investor Conference – “VIRTUAL ZÜRS”
May 12th, 2021Virtual Investor Conference, Germany, Dr. Reuter Investor Relations
May 26th, 2021Virtual Erste CEE Innovation Conference
June 16th, 2021Results FY 2020/21
August 11th, 2021Results Q1 2021/22
August 29th, 2021Record Date: Annual General Meeting
September 8th, 2021Annual General Meeting
September 28th, 2021“Börse-Informationstag”, Salzburg (AT)
October 4/5th, 2021The Finest CEElection Conference, virtual, Erste Group Bank, Vienna (AT)
November 18th, 2021Results H1 2021/22
November 29th, 2021RBI / Vienna Stock Exchange
January 17th, 202221st German Corporate Conference, UniCredit/Kepler Cheuvreux, Frankfurt (DE)
February 23th, 2022Results Q1-Q3 2021/22
Financial year 2020/21:
April 24th, 2020Digital Austrian Equity Day, Paris (FR)
June 16th, 2020Results FY 2019/20
June 17th, 2020Virtual Austrian Conference, London (UK)
August 12th, 2020Results Q1 2020/21
August 30th, 2020Record Date: Annual General Meeting
September 3rd, 2020Innovation Conference, Warsaw (PL)
September 9th, 2020Annual General Meeting
September 18th, 2020Virtual Roadshow – ODDO Seydler Bank AG, Frankfurt (DE)
November 18th, 2020Results H1 2020/21
January 19th, 2021Virtual German Corporate Conference, UniCredit/Kepler Cheuvreux, Frankfurt (DE)
February 9/10th, 2021Virtual Austrian Conference, Rhineland (DE)
February 16th, 2021Results Q1-Q3 2020/21
February 25th, 2021Virtual ODDO SEYDLER Digital Small & Mid Cap Conference 2021
Financial year 2019/20:
April 1/2st, 2019Raiffeisen CENTROBANK Institutional Investor Conference, Zürs (AT)
April 10th, 2019Austrian Equity Day, Paris (FR)
April 16th, 2019The Sound of Finance, New York (USA)
April 25th, 2019Erste Group’s Innovation Conference, Warsaw (PL)
May 9th, 2019Austrian Equity Day, Madrid (ES)
June 4th, 2019ODDO BHF NEXTCAP FORUM, Paris (FR)
June 13th, 2019Austrian Conference, London (UK)
June 18th, 2019Results FY 2018/19
August 20th, 2019Results Q1 2019/20
August 31th, 2019Record date: Annual General Meeting
September 10th, 2019Annual General Meeting
September 12th, 2019Roadshow Zagreb (HR)
September 13th, 2019Dividend ex date
September 16th, 2019Record date: dividend
September 18th, 2019Dividend payment date
September 19th, 2019Austrian Day, Bucharest (RO)
September 27th, 2019Baader Investment Conference, Munich (DE)
October 7/8th, 2019Erste Group’s Finest CEElection Investor Conference, Vienna (AT)
November 20th, 2019Results H1 2019/20
November 25th, 2019Austrian Day, Frankfurt (DE)
November 28th, 2019Roadshow Zurich (CH)
January 9th, 2020ODDO BHF FORUM 2020, Lyon (FR)
January 20th, 2020German Corporate Conference 2020 – UniCredit / Kepler Cheuvreux, Frankfurt (DE)
February 6th, 2020Roadshow Luxembourg (LU)
February 18th, 2020Results Q1-Q3 2019/20
March 3th, 2020„Börse-Informationstag“, Vienna (AT)
Financial year 2018/19:
April 5th, 201810th Austrian Equity Days in Paris (FR)
April 9/10th, 2018Raiffeisen Centrobank’s Investor Conference, Zürs (AT)
April 24th, 2018Family Office Capital Day, Vienna (AT)
June 5th, 2018ODDO BHF NEXTCAP FORUM, Paris (FR)
June 14th, 2018Austrian Conference 2018, London (UK)
June 18th, 2018Results FY 2017/18
July 10th, 2018Roadshow Warsaw (PL)
August 23th, 2018Results Q1 2018/19
August 27th, 2018Record date: Annual General Meeting
September 6th, 2018Annual General Meeting
September 10th, 2018Dividend ex date
September 11th, 2018Record date: dividend
September 13th, 2018Dividend payment date
September 17/18th, 2018Institutional Investors‘ Day, Copenhagen (DK)
September 24th, 2018“Börse-Informationstag”, Salzburg (AT)
October 2nd, 2018Austrian Day, Bucharest (RO)
October 8/9th, 2018Erste Group Investor Conference, Stegersbach (AT)
November 21th, 2018Results H1 2018/19
November 26th, 2018Roadshow Warsaw (PL)
November 29th, 2018Roadshow Zurich (CH)
December 3rd, 2018Roadshow Brussels (BE)
December 4th, 2018Roadshow Munich (DE)
January 22th, 201918th German Corporate Conference – UniCredit / Kepler Cheuvreux, Frankfurt (DE)
January 31th, 2019Austria & CEE Investor Conference 2019, London (UK)
February 6th, 201914th HSBC ESG Conference, Frankfurt (DE)
February 19th, 2019ODDO BHF – German Conference, Frankfurt (DE)
February 21th, 2019Results Q1-Q3 2018/19
February 28th, 2019Austrian Conference, Amsterdam (NL)
Financial year 2017/18:
June 20th, 2017Results FY 2016/17
June 21th, 2017Roadshow Amsterdam (NL)
June 22th, 2017Austrian Conference, London (UK)
June 26th, 2017Roadshow Warsaw (PL)
August 27th, 2017Record Date: Annual General Meeting
August 30th, 2017Results Q1 2017/18
September 4th, 2017Roadshow Frankfurt (DE)
September 6th, 2017Annual General Meeting
September 13th, 2017Dividend Ex Date
September 14th, 2017Dividend Record Date
September 21th, 2017Dividend Payment Date
October 3rd, 2017Roadshow Zurich (CH)
October 9/10th, 2017Erste Group Investor Conference, Stegersbach (AT)
November 29th, 2017Results H1 2017/18
November 30th, 2017Roadshow Warsaw (PL)
December 5th, 2017Roadshow Brussels (BE)
January 11th, 2018ODDO BHF FORUM, Lyon (FR)
January 15th, 201817th German Corporate Conference – UniCredit / Kepler Cheuvreux, Frankfurt (DE)
January 25/26th, 2017Roadshow Madrid (ES)
February 22th, 201812. ODDO BHF German Conference, Frankfurt (DE)
February 28th, 2018Results Q1-Q3 2017/18
Financial year 2016/17:
June 27th 2016Roadshow London (UK)
August 24th 2016Results Q1 2016/17
August 28th 2016Record Date: Annual General Meeting
September 7th 2016Annual General Meeting
September 14th 2016Dividend Ex Date
September 15th 2016Dividend Record Date
September 19th 2016“Börse-Informationstag”, Salzburg (Austria)
September 21th 2016Dividend Payment Date
September 29th 2016Berenberg Austrian Conference, London (UK)
October 10/11th 2016Erste Group Investor Conference, Stegersbach (AT)
November 17th 2016Results H1 2016/17
January 5th 2017Oddo Forum, Lyon (FR)
January 11th 2017Institutional Investors‘ Day, Vienna (AT)
February 2nd 2017Austrian Day, London (UK)
February 15th 2017German Conference (micro, small & mid cap), Frankfurt (DE)
February 22th 2017Results Q1-Q3 2016/17
February 23th 2017Austrian Conference, Stockholm (SE)
March 14th 2017“Börse-Informationstag”, Vienna (AT)
March 27/28th 2017Institutional Investors Conference, Zürs (AT)
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