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IRF Road Charging Regional Conference 2022

05. Oct 2022 9:00 -
06. Oct 2022 18:00

Time zone:
Europe, Belgrade

Belgrade, Serbia

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KTC7758 Highway Serbia

At the International Road Federation (IRF Global) regional conference "Effective Road Charging Strategies in a Region on the Move" on October 5 - 6, 2022, in Belgrade, Serbia, experts will discuss road charging strategies and challenges which road agencies are not always equipped to confront.  

The Balkan region is witnessing a rapid uptake in next-generation road charging programs, such as free-flow tolling for Heavy Goods Vehicles. Technologies supporting road charging systems have made tremendous progress over the past decade, and today developing and implementing a local or national solution presents fewer risks than it was the case 10-15 years ago.

Ivan Katalina, Sales Manager at Kapsch TrafficCom, will present on October 6, 2022 in the session "Key Factors for Successful Introduction" how tolling solutions can help authorities overcome their congestion and infrastructure funding related challenges – while also delivering a far better traffic safety and experience for road users.

Our expert

Ivan Katalina

Ivan Katalina

Sales Manager, Kapsch TrafficCom 

Find out more abou the IRF “Effective Road Charging Strategies in a Region on the Move” Conference and register here

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