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All Electronic Tolling

At the heart of Kapsch TrafficCom's MLFF solution is our state-of-the-art All Electronic Tolling (AET) tolling solution.

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All Electronic Tolling (AET) is a toll collection system that eliminates the need for physical toll booths, toll plazas, and manual toll collection processes. Instead of stopping or slowing down to pay tolls, vehicles equipped with AET systems can seamlessly pass through toll points without interruption.

The entire toll collection process is automated through various technologies. Roadside equipment located on and near the gantries detect and classify vehicles. This information is then processed for issuing charges and enforcement notifications.

Kapsch TrafficCom's track record of delivering Electronic Toll Collection schemes (ETC) schemes is truly global. This means we can deliver a standard solution bringing all the benefits of a mature technology while being compliant with all local standards and adopt whatever is the most appropriate technology.

We create every element of these highly complex solutions, drawing upon a unique breadth and depth of AET knowledge and experience. This end-to-end capability gives our customers a seamless experience across all elements of the solution – from our roadside systems to our innovative back office systems.

These include:

  • Tag based tolling 
    In these systems, roadside sensors and software detect and classify passing vehicles containing a ‘tag’ – also known as ‘transponders’ or ‘onboard unit’ (OBUs).  Kapsch TrafficCom is a leading end-to-end provider of such technologies, delivering the roadside hardware and backend hardware and software as well as the tags themselves. We provide full support for all relevant communications technologies including Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and Dedicated Short Range Communication (DSRC), as well as supporting all standards adopted around the globe.
  • Video based tolling
    These tolling solutions use video-based Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) hardware and software to detect and classify vehicles without tags. Kapsch TrafficCom video solutions feature unrivalled performance metrics, thanks in part to our adoption of artificial intelligence for image analysis.
  • Sophisticated back office solutions
    All data is captured and processed in the back office systems that form the intelligent and configurable hub of all our MLFF solutions. These are depoloyable either in the cloud or on-premises. The back office solutions enable solutions to be tailored to exactly meet specific customer needs.
  • Enforcement solutions
    Complete enforcement infrastructure including back office.

This upgrade is a win-win for all drivers who use our crossings by cutting precious minutes from daily commutes, by reducing vehicle accidents in toll lanes, and by decreasing emissions from vehicles waiting in line to pay cash at toll booths.

Rick Cotton, Port Authority Executive Director

Key benefits of Kapsch TrafficCom AET solutions

Sustainable Transit

Traffic emissions are reduced
Because our solutions enable traffic to flow freely, which significantly reduces the emissions from vehicles stopped at tolling barriers.

Tolling & Signage

Traffic congestion is minimised
High speed toll collection, coupled with multiple lane support, means that vehicles don’t have to slow down as they pass under gantries.

Highway Truck Toll

Performance and reliability are optimized
Kapsch TrafficCom's extensive experience in tolling ensures high quality and performance in achieving.

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Customer experience is streamlined
Kapsch TrafficCom designs, builds and operates every element of our AET solutions. This end-to-end capability streamlines the experience for our customers.

All Electronic Toll System

Tolling and enforcement becomes more cost effective
Our AET solutions reduces the capital costs of infrastructure and ongoing operational costs of tolling.


Road safety improves – as does the user experience
Because vehicles don’t have to slow down as they approach a toll plaza or change lanes, our AET solutions improve road safety and user convenience.

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Tolling and enforcement becomes more scaleable
AET tolling solutions are much easier to scale than traditional solutions which use toll booths. This makes them particularly suitable for highways with increasing levels of traffic.

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Authorities can make better, more informed decisions
Our AET solutions provide valuable data for traffic monitoring and analysis, helping authorities make informed decisions about infrastructure improvements and traffic management.

A unique tolling solution that is designed to evolve

Technology is always changing. That’s why we build tolling solutions that perfectly meet customer requirements today – and which are designed to embrace the technology of the future.

To do this, we are moving away from monolithic tailor-made project solution and adopting a single cloud-ready platform architecture that is simple to deploy, maintain and evolve as time goes by.

Our new platform AET architecture delivers numerous benefits for customers:

  • Our platform is more agile and flexible
    This is a powerful way to keep up to date with regulatory changes and technology advances.
  • Our platform is more scalable
    This enables additional features or services to be added without the need for an extensive system overhaul.
  • Our platform integrates with diverse technologies and interfaces 
    This enables our tolling systems to seamlessly integrate with emerging technologies such as connected vehicles, smart cities, and advanced data analytics.
  • Our platform inspires future-proof innovation 
    This future-proofing aspect ensures that our tolling infrastructure can evolve alongside technological advancements without requiring costly and disruptive redevelopments.
  • Our platform is highly cost-effective 
    The design avoids the need for highly costly wholesale replacements of entire systems. It improves operational costs thanks to its ability to integrate with third-party solutions.
  • Our platform enhances the user experience 
    This enables our customers to create a seamless and user-friendly experience for drivers and administrators alike.
  • Our platform is more secure and resilient 
    It is designed to better protect user data, prevent fraud, and safeguard against cyber threats and to enhance system resilience.

A solution portfolio like no other

Kapsch TrafficCom is one of the world’s most experienced MLFF partners with a unique set of technology, service, and business capabilities.


City tolling and Clean Air Zones

Many cities around the world are actively looking to address the negative consequences of having too many vehicles on the road. These include congestion, air pollution, excessive noise, and an increase in road traffic accidents. Kapsch TrafficCom's uniquely flexible urban access solution addresses all these challenges by incentivising drivers to change their behaviour.

Multiple lane highway

Managed Lanes

Kapsch TrafficCom's industry leading managed lanes (ML) solution incorporates highly specialized, dynamic pricing algorithms and trip building capabilities that help road operators optimize traffic flow. We are one of the very few organisations able to provide complete end-to-end ML solutions. We also provide the key elements to authorities who have parts of a system in place already.

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