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Tolling as a Service (TaaS) Components

Our TaaS components empower toll service providers, including EETS providers, to deliver certified services across Europe. Leveraging our expertise in HGV tolling and the EETS market, we support TSP certification in all DSRC and GNSS domains.

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Toll Service Providers (TSPs) – including European Electronic Tolling Service (EETS) providers – must deliver solutions incorporating highly complex and specific requirements.

On-board Units (OBUs) must support both GNSS and DSRC communications and conform to requirements defined within the EU interoperability directive. OBUs, meanwhile, must also be configured and certified to support different – and constantly changing – national specifications for how, and when, vehicle position data is collected, packaged and sent. 

Without a stable, certifiable solution to these challenges, TSPs and EETS providers would simply not be able to operate.

Full support for technology and certification

Kapsch TrafficCom supplies all the enabling hardware and software components that make it possible to provide tolling services. Crucially, we are also able to draw on our unique experience of supporting numerous TSPs and EETS providers to ensure that our customers can successfully meet the evolving challenges of certification.

Our solution consists of four key components:

  • A hybrid GNSS/DSRC On-board Unit (OBU)
    The core of our component solution, our OBU is provided complete with all embedded firmware, supporting software and tools such as proxy and asset management. It is fully configurable to conform to the different technical and certification requirements of each individual toll domain.
  • GNSS proxy (also known as the ‘position sender’)
    The proxy is a key software component for tolling systems. Configured with the business logic for each toll domain, it ensures that the correct and complete package of vehicle position data is sent by the OBU at the correct interval.
  • Asset management platform 
    Our sophisticated asset management tool enables TSPs to send messages to the OBUs, update their firmware, personalise them to a specific user and add new countries using over-the-air (OTA) updates.
  • Our unique Geo Location Platform (GLP)
    The Kapsch TrafficCom GLP provides full supports for map matching and rating in toll domains where this is required.

The future lies in data, software, and services.

Alfredo Escribá, CTO Kapsch TrafficCom 

A solution portfolio like no other

Kapsch TrafficCom is one of the world’s most experienced providers of location-based tolling solutions, with a unique set of technology, service, and business capabilities.


Satellite tolling

The next generation Kapsch satellite tolling solution delivers nationwide schemes to collect tolls over dedicated road networks.  Because it uses satellite positioning data, rather than an extensive roadside infrastructure, the solution is extremely economical. It works with both dedicated and existing aftermarket and in-vehicle hardware to deliver a future proof approach to truck and light vehicle tolling.

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Road user charging

The Kapsch TrafficCom road user charging (RUC) solution is a versatile tool for addressing the road tax deficits that are being caused by the growth in hybrid, electric and high efficiency vehicles. It can be configured to apply different prices according to numerous criteria such as time of day, location, vehicle type and size and emissions class.

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