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Road user charging

The Kapsch TrafficCom RUC solution efficiently addresses road tax deficits due to the rise of hybrid, electric, and high-efficiency vehicles. It offers configurable pricing based on factors like time, location, vehicle type, size, and emissions class.

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Across the world the number of hybrid, electric and highly fuel efficient vehicles continues to grow rapidly. This is having a significant impact upon the revenues that regions and national governments have traditionally raised from taxes on the retail sale of petrol, diesel, and gasoline. Typically, these tax revenues are used to fund and maintain road infrastructures.

Whilst this is happening, many cities and urban areas are witnessing a continued growth in congestion – particularly at peak hours – with an associated decline in air quality.

Road user charging (RUC) tackles all these problems. It proves a fair and equitable way for authorities to compensate for the reduction in fuel related taxes. Meanwhile, it provides a sophisticated and versatile charging solution which empowers authorities to focus their pricing to encourage behaviours and outcomes such as reduced congestion and air pollution.

A proven cloud-based solution

The Kapsch TrafficCom RUC solution is built on our proprietary geolocation based charging technology. At the heart of this is our Geo Location Platform (GLP). This cloud-native platform processes vehicle location data from any source to deliver highly accurate rated charge reports which reflect specific conditions and tariffs set by the charging authority.

  • Our RUC solution is extremely scalable
    Being cloud-based, it can be scaled to any size both in terms of number of active vehicles and size of road network.
  • Our RUC solution is extremely cost effective
    Because it relies on positioning data from satellites, our RUC solution eliminates the need for roadside charging infrastructure.

A solution portfolio like no other

Kapsch TrafficCom is one of the world’s most experienced providers of location-based tolling solutions, with a unique set of technology, service, and business capabilities.


Satellite tolling

The next generation Kapsch satellite tolling solution delivers nationwide schemes to collect tolls over dedicated road networks.  Because it uses satellite positioning data, rather than an extensive roadside infrastructure, the solution is extremely economical. It works with both dedicated and existing aftermarket and in-vehicle hardware to deliver a future proof approach to truck and light vehicle tolling.

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Tolling as a Service (TaaS) Components

Our Tolling as a Service (TaaS) components provide the key technical building blocks to enable toll service providers (TSPs) – including EETS providers – to deliver certified services across Europe. In addition, we leverage our unique experience in HGV tolling and the EETS market to support TSP certification activities in all DSRC and GNSS domains.

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