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References of Kapsch TrafficCom

Take a look at the advanced solutions for future mobility – not only in theory but also in practice. The following references are great examples of our work.

Oran Algeria
Oran, Algeria

Tramway Prioritization for Oran, Algeria

  • EcoTrafiX™ solution as a platform for public transportation control in city environments
  • 69 prioritized intersections along 18.7 km and 32 stations
  • Travel time management (decreasing delays)
City of Buenos Aires
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Integrated Mobility Management System in Buenos Aires

  • EcoTrafiX™ solution as an integrated platform for traffic control
  • Integration of 9 existing traffic areas with 4,000 controllers
  • Standardized UTC interface for future extensions
  • Events Management
  • Multimodal Transit data integration
  • MultiAgency collaboration
  • Web portal for traveler information
Factsheet >>>
KTC Acceso-Norte-Buenos-Aires Argentina
North Access to Buenos Aires, Argentina

  • SmartTOLL Conventional Toll System
  • 170 lanes
  • 21 plazas
  • Interoperability Module
  • CAR Module (Remote Assistance Center)
  • 4 gantries with antennas for application of discounts
Australia and New Zealand

Two decades of Multi-Lane Free-Flow

  • The world’s first and largest electronic toll collection system for an interurban environment
  • Multiple turnkey multi-lane free-flow systems around Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Auckland
  • Free flow toll collection using Dedicated Short-Range Communications (DSRC), video based detection and classification and Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR).
  • Motorway deployments through open and closed systems
  • Full end to end solutions through roadside to central systems
  • Walkable gantry solution to avoid traffic distributions for maintenance operations
  • Matching urban design requirements through cladding
  • Enhancing safety for technicians to reduce visibility and distractions to road users
  • High performance and availability  systems to maximize revenue and avoid leakage
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GO Maut 2.0 Project

  • 2200 km of Free-Flow Tolling
  • Fully integrated ANPR-based vehicle identification system
  • Very low demand for manual interventions
  • Pure video-based vehicle classification as well as trailer detection
  • A redundant operational and enforcement back office
  • 250,000 on-board units with another optional 250,000
  • Dependency of tolling tariffs on emission classes
  • ANPR identification system to check the emission-based deduction validity
  • Safe and unimpeded transit capability with a particular focus on connecting with the other EU member states
  • Post implementation: monitoring, technical support and system maintenance
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BelToll Project

  • Nationwide Multi Lane Free Flow (MLFF) Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) system
  • roadside equipment consisting of tolling and enforcement gantries and DSRC transceivers
  • ANPR cameras, compliance and enforcement Systems, a central host system, a data transmission infrastructure and back offices
  • 500,000 on-board units
  • 140 gantries including 30 enforcement gantries and two modern data centers
  • more than 50 Customer Service Points
  • 42 Mobile Enforcement Vehicles (MEV) and 23 Enforcement Check Points
  • Efficient, fair and transparent toll collection in Multi Lane Free Flowing traffic
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Belo Horizonte, Brazil
Belo Horizonte, Brazil

  • Control and Management System
  • Adaptive system, systems integration (PMVs, CCTV)
  • Provision and maintenance of 300 intersections
Fortaleza, Brazil
Fortaleza, Brazil

  • Control and Management System (EcoTrafiX)
  • Adaptive system, traffic lights, different protocols (NTCIP, UTMC2 and UNE).
  • Provision of 100 Intersections
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

  • Control and Management System
  • Adaptive system, traffic lights, streetcar priority, integration of CCTV, PMVs.
  • Maintenance of 1,160 Intersections
KTC Eixo-SP Brasil
Eixo SP, Brazil

  • SmartTOLL Toll System
  • 64 toll lanes (manual, mixed, dedicated electronic toll lanes)
  • 6 toll plazas
  • SmartTOLL support
KTC Mato-Grosso Brasil
Highways MT-100, MT-208, MT-320Brazil

  • SmartTOLL as a Service
  • Interoperability Module
  • 32 mixed toll lanes
  • 5 plazas
  • Maintenance

Nationwide Tolling & E-Vignette System

  • e-Vignette System: Light Vehicles and Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGVs until 03/2020)
  • Transition from time-based to distance-based tolling for HGV above 3,5 tons
  • Introduction of the GNSS Tolling of all Vehicles above 3,5 tons (from 03.2020)
  • Sales Channels such as Web, Points of Sale, Self-Service Terminals and Mobile App
  • Certified ISO 9001/2008 streamlined processes
  • Implementation and 24x7 maintenance and support
  • Daily service delivery
Factsheet >>>
Success Story: National e-vignette and tolling solutions in Bulgaria >>>
KTC Ruta-del-Maipo Chile
Maipo Route, Chile

  • 13,680,000 annual electronic transactions
  • MLFF RSS System (2 gantries, 8 lanes, axle counting)
  • Operational and Commercial Back Office
  • Conventional Toll System
  • 380 toll lanes (manual, mixed, dedicated electronic toll lanes)
  • Maintenance
KTC Autopista-del-Aconcagua Chile
Aconcagua Highway, Chile

  • 126,000,000 annual electronic transactions
  • MLFF RSS System (axle counting)
  • Operational and Commercial Back Office
  • Traffic management system and ITS equipment
KTC Vespucio-Norte Chile
Vespucio Norte, Chile

  • 255,500,000 electronic transactions per year
  • MLFF RSS system
  • Operational Back Office
  • Manual Validation Service (Image Processing Services)
  • 200,000 Tags
KTC Autopista-Central Chile
Central Highway, Chile

  • 513,350,000 electronic transactions per year
  • MLFF RSS system -, 32 gantries, 100 toll lanes
  • 1.4 million Tags
  • Interoperability module
  • Evergreen Maintenance Contract
KTC Costanera-Norte Chile
Costanera Norte, Chile 

  • 300,760,000 electronic transactions per year
  • Operational and Commercial Back Office
  • Multi-Concession (AMB. CN, RNO, Parque Arauco) and Vespucio Sur
  • 2.6 Million Tags (Costanera Norte and Vespucio Sur)
KTC Copiloto En-alianza-con-Credibanco Colombia
Copilot: In alliance with Credibanco, Colombia

  • Tag Issuer
  • Commercial Back Office
KTC Vias-de-Nus Colombia
Vías de NusColombia

  • SmartTOLL Toll System
  • 30 toll lanes (manual, mixed, dedicated electronic toll lanes)
  • 5 plazas
  • Maintenance
	Kathedrale Primada de America Santo Domingo
Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

  • Control and Management System (EcoTrafiX)
  • Control Center, Traffic Light Control, Traffic Counting, CCTV, PMVs and Tunnels
  • CCO modernization, engineering, provision of 100 regulators, counting cameras and CCTV, PMVs, operation and maintenance of 360 intersections
Quito, Ecuador
Quito, Ecuador

  • Control and Management System (EcoTrafiX)
  • Control Center, Adaptive System, Bus Priority, CCTV, PMVs
  • Provision of 545 Intersections and EcoTrafiX support
KTC Tunel-Oswaldo-Guayasamin Ecuador
Oswaldo Guayasamin Tunnel, Ecuador

  • MLFF RSS System (2 gantries, 4 lanes; ISO 18000 6C and CEN DSRC)
  • Operational Back Office
  • 60K Tags
Mumbai India
Mumbai, India

Urban Mobility Management for Mumbai, India

  • EcoTrafiX™ solution as an integrated platform for traffic control (UTC)
  • Minimize traffic slowtimes
  • Multi agency collaboration
  • CCTV System
KTC San Luis Potosi Mexico
San Luis Potosi, Mexico

  • SmartTOLL Conventional Toll System
  • 20 multimodal lanes
  • 4 exclusive ETC lanes
  • 2 express lanes
  • 3 toll plazas
  • Maintenance
KTC1782 Panama-City
Panama City, Panama

Urban Mobility Management for Panama City

  • EcoTrafiX™ solution as an integrated platform for Integrated Traffic management
  • Events and Roadworks management
  • Multi-agency collaboration
  • Publication of mobility information in open mode (Open Data)
  • Travel time management system
  • Traffic modelling and simulation
Lima, Peru
Lima, Peru

  • Control and Management System (EcoTrafiX)
  • Control Center, Adaptive System, CCTV, PMV, Traffic Engineering
  • Provision, maintenance and support of 210 Intersections

Integrated Traffic Management in various cities in Spain

  • EcoTrafiX™ solution as an integrated platform for traffic control
  • Signaling integration with variable message
  • Publication of mobility information in open mode (Open Data)
  • Integration and display of information from municipal GIS
  • Managing access control for restricted areas
Factsheet >>>
Success Story: Intelligent mobility in Madrid. Realtime data capture and analysis >>>
Gran Via with Metropolis Building in Madrid
Madrid, Spain

Maintenance and Operation Services for the City of Madrid

  • ITACA as the real-time Adaptive Traffic Signals System
  • Advanced performance control strategies
  • The automatic validation process of data
  • Global and accurate view of all the traffic data in each junction
  • Rules-based project-specific configuration
  • The maintenance of about 800 IP controllers, more than 40,000 traffic Light, 1,000 detectors, 200 Cameras, 50 Red Light Enforcement and all the communication network
Factsheet >>>
Skyline of Dallas Texas
Dallas, United States

Integrated Corridor Management, traveler information system and multi-agency coordination for Dallas

  • Comprehensive EcoTrafiX™ solution for global corridor-wide transportation operations
  • Multi-agency collaboration
  • Multi-modal traveler information
  • Shared and collaborative map-based system
  • Implementation of global and multi-modal traffic improvement strategies
  • Increasing the corridor throughput
  • Improving the travel time reliability and incident management
Factsheet >>>
New York State, United States

All-Electronic Toll System

Complete System Conversion for the New York State Thruway Authority

  • The Kapsch single-gantry all-electronic toll (AET) solution
  • Use of the Kapsch vehicle detection and classification sensor (NVDC) along with supplemental sensors to accurately determine vehicle tolling class at all NYSTA AET toll points
  • Staging facility and configuration laboratory in order to centralize operations
  • Supporting deployments at up to six sites in parallel across different sections of the state
  • Central host system at the NYSTA headquarters and disaster recovery backup system at remote location
  • To be maintained without requiring any lane closures
  • 51 new single-gantry toll facilities and 148 lanes of toll equipment along the NYSTA highways
Factsheet >>>
Texas, United States

Tolling and Managed Lane Solution in Texas

The LBJ Express and North Tarrant Express

  • Fully integrated TCS, ITS and an ATMS with a Central System
  • The Kapsch DYNAC ATMS® Software
  • TSM’s dynamic pricing algorithm
  • Laser-based volumetric system utilizing Kapsch Laser Vehicle Detection and Classification (LVDC) scanning technology
  • Dependency of tolling tariffs on emission classes
  • ANPR identification system to check the emission-based deduction validity
Factsheet >>>
Washington State, United States


The integrated electronic toll road for the Washington State Department of Transportation

  • Kapsch dynamic pricing solution
  • Installed devices along the entire length of the corridor
  • True image-based trip building
  • Toll amounts are deducted electronically or billed by mail – no toll booths
Factsheet >>>