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Satellite Tolling

The new Kapsch TrafficCom satellite tolling system efficiently collects nationwide tolls on dedicated roads, using satellite data for cost-effectiveness. It's compatible with existing hardware, ensuring a future-proof solution for truck and light vehicle tolling.


The next generation Kapsch TrafficCom satellite tolling solution delivers nationwide schemes to collect tolls over dedicated road networks. Because it uses satellite positioning data, rather than an extensive roadside infrastructure, the solution is extremely economical. It works with both dedicated and existing aftermarket and in-vehicle hardware to deliver a future proof approach to truck and light vehicle tolling.

Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) based tolling is the next evolution of Multi-Lane Free Flow (MLFF). It uses highly accurate satellite position data to locate individual vehicles and calculate tolls based on criteria such as vehicle classification, Euro emissions class, axle count and road type.

Economical and future proof

GNSS-based tolling enables the deployment of regional or nationwide tolling systems with a much smaller footprint than is possible with the more traditional radio frequency or ANPR-based approaches.

We can also scale the solution faster and more flexibly. New road sections, for example, can be added, or classifications changed, without the need for extensive additional roadside equipment.

The Kapsch TrafficCom solution supports both real distance driven and segment-based tolls using data from any source. These include dedicated tolling and European Electronic Toll Service (EETS) devices, smartphones, aftermarket fleet telematics, track and trace units, and connected vehicles.

Our solution is designed to deliver precision, flexibility, and eco-friendliness, aligning seamlessly with the country's future-forward vision. We aim to redefine the tolling experience for heavy goods vehicles across Denmark.

Carolin Treichl, EVP EMENA at Kapsch TrafficCom

The choice is yours – individual modules or a complete end-to-end solution

Unlike other tolling companies, Kapsch TrafficCom can provide each of the unique building blocks to deliver a complete end-to-end GNSS-based tolling scheme.

By adopting a modular approach, we can deploy individual building blocks including components for tolling services, enforcement, and map matching and rating.

The building blocks are:

  • A comprehensive in-vehicle solution
    This includes a 4G-enabled hybrid On Board Unit (OBU), an asset management tool for administering OBUs, and a GNSS proxy and position sender.
  • Geo Location Platform (GLP)
    The GLP is an extremely versatile data processing tool which can price trips and calculate tolls according to a wide variety and complex set of criteria.
  • Enforcement solution
    Complete enforcement infrastructure including back office.
  • Commercial back office solution
    A comprehensive solution for billing and customer account management.

Kapsch TrafficCom has also successfully deployed route ticketing solutions, whereby customers can choose either the shortest or quickest route from A to B.

A solution portfolio like no other

Kapsch TrafficCom is one of the world’s most experienced providers of location-based tolling solutions, with a unique set of technology, service and business capabilities.

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Road user charging

The Kapsch TrafficCom road user charging (RUC) solution is a versatile tool for addressing the road tax deficits that are being caused by the growth in hybrid, electric and high efficiency vehicles. It can be configured to apply different prices according to numerous criteria such as time of day, location, vehicle type and size and emissions class.

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Tolling as a Service (TaaS) Components

Our Tolling as a Service (TaaS) components provide the key technical building blocks to enable toll service providers (TSPs) – including EETS providers – to deliver certified services across Europe. In addition, we leverage our unique experience in HGV tolling and the EETS market to support TSP certification activities in all DSRC and GNSS domains.

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