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Urban Mobility Management.

By the year 2050, it is expected that nearly 70% of the world population will live in cities. It is critical that today transportation professionals prepare tomorrow’s mobility solutions for a sustainable future, solving growing issues such as traffic congestion, pollution and safety.

EcoTrafiX™ software suite.

EcoTrafiX™ is an urban mobility management solution that helps to reduce travel time and CO2 emissions, while improving travelers' safety. By gathering all traffic data into a real-time dynamic visualization approach, operators can further optimize traffic, benefiting from excellent decision support for reactive response to incidents and events as well as multi-agency coordination.

The EcoTrafiX™ software suite includes:

  • EcoTrafiX™ Command, which commands real-time city signals & devices
  • EcoTrafiX™ Expert, which includes a whole set of expert modules to optimize traffic
  • EcoTrafiX™ Mobility, which enables collaboration on events between multiple agencies or between multiple departments within one agency

EcoTrafiX™ controller.

The EcoTrafix™ controller is the high performing result of an evolved generation of traffic controllers for efficient, safe and sustainable mobility. Our long-term experience in traffic projects and in manufacturing electronic equipment makes this product the optimal solution for any need. Reliable, efficient, modular and safe.


Key references.

Dallas, United States

  • Comprehensive EcoTrafiX™ solution for global corridor-wide transportation operations
  • Multi-agency collaboration
  • Multi-modal traveler information
  • Shared and collaborative map-based system
  • Implementation of global and multi-modal traffic improvement strategies
  • Increasing the corridor throughput
  • Improving the travel time reliability and incident management

Buenos Aires, Argentina

  • EcoTrafiX™ solution as an integrated platform for traffic control 
  • Integration of 9 existing traffic areas with 4000 controllers
  • Standardized UTC interface for future extensions
  • Events Management
  • Multimodal Transit data integration
  • MultiAgency collaboration
  • Web portal for traveler information 

Malaga, Spain

  • EcoTrafiX™ solution as an integrated platform for traffic control 
  • Signaling integration with variable message
  • Publication of mobility information in open mode (Open Data)
  • Kapsch traffic technology already installed in the city (Optimus)
  • Integration and display of information from municipal GIS
  • Managing access control for restricted areas

Mumbai, India

  • EcoTrafiX™ solution as an integrated platform for traffic control (UTC)
  • UTC system integration (>253 junctions)
  • Intelligent system for urban traffic (ITACA) adaptive UTC
  • Minimize traffic slowtimes
  • Multi agency collaboration
  • CCTV System 

Oran, Algeria

  • EcoTrafiX™ solution as a platform for public transportation control in city environments
  • High priority / low impact based on detections
  • Blocked intersection avoidance (even if the tram looses priority phase)
  • 69 prioritized intersections along 18.7 km and 32 stations
  • Travel time management (decreasing delays)

Panama City, Panama

  • EcoTrafiX™ solution as an integrated platform for Integrated Traffic management
  • Realtime Adaptive for Signals
  • Events and Roadworks management
  • Multi-agency collaboration
  • Publication of mobility information in open mode (Open Data)
  • Travel time management system
  • Traffic modelling and simulation


Our solution to help city networks make mobility efficient, safe and sustainable.

  • Wide range of services covering the whole life-cycle of project for a partnership from A to Z.
  • Continuous commitment towards safety as a number one priority.
  • Dedicated and highly skilled teams to provide you with services up to the actual management of your operations.
  • A long-term orientation of our services to maximize and optimize your investment.
  • Future-proof technology as a key driver for our software suite.