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Press releases.

Current press releases

Kapsch TrafficCom – two major projects extended and an additional contract.
Two major operations projects in the tolling segment have been extended at similar conditions.
Kapsch TrafficCom has sold its interest in Q-Free ASA.
Kapsch TrafficCom held a 15.4% interest in Q-Free ASA (Q-Free), a provider of intelligent transportations services from Norway. Because the stake has become non-strategic, it has been for sale for a while.
Kapsch TrafficCom continues to strengthen footprint in Latin America.
With a strong track record in the areas of tolling and smart urban mobility in the region, Kapsch TrafficCom has been successful with new tolling and advanced traffic management solutions for tunnels and highways in recent months.
Kapsch TrafficCom continues to expand tolling services in Europe via new partnership with Ford.
The German toll services provider tolltickets, a 100% subsidiary of Kapsch TrafficCom, will expand its current footprint by providing integrated tolling services for partner companies.
Kapsch TrafficCom – Results for the first half of 2020/21.
In the first half of the current financial year, revenues reached EUR 257 million (-28%). A major reason for the reduction in revenues is, that some major toll projects ended which contributed EUR 64 million in the first half of 2019/20.
Kapsch TrafficCom – First MLFF (Multi lane free flow) toll in Ecuador has started operating in Quito.
11/17/2020 photo
The first MLFF (Multi-Lane Free Flow) toll system to operate in Ecuador has just been installed with Kapsch TrafficCom’s technology on one of the main access routes to the country’s capital, Quito.
Kapsch TrafficCom has sold its interest in Fluidtime Data Services (“Fluidtime”).
As per November 1, 2020, Kapsch TrafficCom sold its 75.5 interest in Fluidtime (Austria) to this company’s management.
Kapsch TrafficCom Survey: 62 percent of Austrians would leave their cars at home.
10/29/2020 photo
62 percent of Austrian citizens are willing to limit car journeys to certain times in order to improve urban air quality. A vast majority of 86 percent are in favor of reducing traffic-related emissions by means of environment-friendly transport solutions.
What Austrian cities can learn from the “15-minute City” Paris.
10/15/2020 photo
89 percent of Austrian citizens urgently want to reduce emissions from road traffic. 84 percent blame noise, air pollution and other burdens for health problems – these are findings of the representative survey “Kapsch TrafficCom Index 2020”.
Kapsch TrafficCom takes over tolltickets and regionally expands tolling services in Europe
10/7/2020 photo
Kapsch TrafficCom acquired the remaining 35% interests in the German toll services provider tolltickets GmbH. Since July 2016, Kapsch has been holding a 65% stake in tolltickets.