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Kapsch TrafficCom supports many of the most advanced highway traffic management installations in the world. Our unique solutions feature intelligent tools which automate the decision making process enabling authorities to respond faster to incidents and to manage traffic more proactively.

Luftaufnahme einer Autobahnkreuzung

Around the world, populations are growing, and urban sprawl is increasing. With limited capacity on the roads, it is inevitable that traffic congestion is increasing, making roads inefficient – and dangerous.

Our multi-purpose Advanced Traffic Management Solutions (ATMS) is a uniquely powerful, web-centric software platform for addressing this challenge.

Built on the latest open-architecture standards and open-source software components, it is a single system for managing all critical transportation systems and infrastructures. It supports a uniquely broad range of operational needs, from extensive regional, state-wide, and national highway networks, to dedicated transportation infrastructure facilities such as managed lanes, tunnels, and bridges.

An umbrella solution to deliver holistic traffic management

Kapsch has been delivering highway traffic management solutions for more than 30 years. During this period, we have collaborated with state agencies and authorities to design and build some of the most complex, advanced and largest traffic management solutions in the world.

We are one of the very few organisations able to provide ‘umbrella’ systems to control entire road networks across vast territories. By coordinating the operations of different regional control centres, we make it possible to manage an entire national traffic ecosystem. Such installations are combined with connected vehicle technologies to deliver faster countermeasures against traffic anomalies and incidents.

Our ATMS is the umbrella system that brings together data from multiple traffic management systems, including traffic-light and signage systems. This is augmented with data from vehicles, mobile phones, and navigation systems – as well as third party information about, for example, changing weather conditions, unforeseen incidents, or planned construction zones.

We at Kapsch TrafficCom are proud to provide reliable and safe technological solutions in such a strategic project that improves the country's transportation network. Our DYNAC ATMS® solution guarantees the high level of security required by this important road corridor that is frequented by thousands of vehicles every day.

Olga Villegas, Vice President of Kapsch TrafficCom for Colombia

Automated and intelligent traffic management

By processing data from a wide range of sources with powerful AI and prediction tools, our ATMS generates a comprehensive, real-time view of traffic conditions. This lays the foundations for better informed decision making. To increase the effectiveness of traffic management still further, real-time traffic data is integrated with automated decisioning tools that initiate coordinated responses to changing traffic conditions.

Kapsch is using advances in machine learning and artificial intelligence to expand the capability to forecast and predict changes in traffic flow as a result of highway incidents. These intelligent solutions are helping agencies optimize the management of their critical infrastructure, improve traffic flow, and respond to critical events more quickly and effectively.

The industry’s most extensive traffic management portfolio

Our solutions push the boundaries of what is possible not only in terms of managing the flow of traffic but also by changing the mobility behaviour of people who live and travel through cities.

Traffic light

Urban solutions

By bringing together data from multiple traffic control systems and agencies, and by supporting real-time and predictive analysis based on artificial intelligence, the Kapsch urban traffic management provides unique benefits for city authorities, mobility agencies, and citizens.

Aerial view with cars and pedestrians

Orchestrated Connected Corridors

For highway and city authorities around the world, our unique capability to deliver end-to-end Orchestrated Connected Corridors is the key to improving road safety and delivering advanced traffic management solutions. 

Traffic intelligence solutions

Traffic intelligence solutions

Kapsch's traffic intelligence solution transforms the current reactive traffic operation into a proactive approach which minimizes congestion and mitigates the impact of unexpected incidents and planned events.

Tunnel with car traffic

Bridges and tunnel management

Kapsch TrafficCom offers an industry leading Bridge & Tunnel Solution. It provides mission-critical support for integrated bridge and tunnel management across safety management, and integrated SCADA capabilities.

Dubai Highways

Traffic Demand Management

Kapsch's Traffic Demand Management solutions empower cities and their citizens to make well-informed and more sustainable daily transport choices that are beneficial for individuals and the city as a whole.

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