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Innovation through cooperation.

Together we try to catch up with the future by defining and realizing innovative ideas.

Everybody is talking about the future of mobility. But how will it look like? The only thing we know: we need solutions to reduce congestion effectively, save costs & time and minimize emissions. The future of mobility should not resemble the past.

Kapsch already has a lot of ITS instruments in its portfolio available to offer holistic mobility solutions for tolling & traffic management, safety & security and connected vehicles. These solutions shall be data-driven, enabling real-time solutions for urban mobility management, focusing on climate and environmental protection, ideally use AI data processing & - decisioning technologies.

To evolve these solutions to perfectly fit your specific demands, KTC wants to intensify the communication between our trusted partners and our business development and research teams. Supported by technical experts, Sales Managers and Product Managers we discuss specific ideas, evaluate possible ways of “how to” realize solutions and assess their feasibility together. Based on precise outcome requirements of our workshops a quick implementation proposal or prototype for customers (proof of concept) is possible.

If you would like to join us to swap ideas please fill in your contact details below and select the specific Innovation-talk group you want to be part of. You will get an email with your time-restricted, personalized access data in return and we are ready to start the discussion. Please be aware that data sharing and getting data insights among us may is a precondition to achieve an appropriate and innovative designed solution (for you!).

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