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XVII Smart City Forum

20. Nov 2023 9:00 -
21. Nov 2023 15:30

Time zone:
Europe, Warsaw

The Westin Warsaw, Poland

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Ein Park mit einem Teich und einer Stadt im Hintergrund.

The autumn edition of the XVII Smart City Forum in Warsaw on November 20-21, 2023 will be an excellent moment to reflect on the challenges and direction of development of Polish cities and improvement of the quality of life of their residents.  

Polish cities are struggling with air pollution. According to a report by the European Environment Agency, many of the most polluted cities in the European Union are located in Poland. In some of them, the concentration level of particulate matter (PM2.5), exceeds twice the maximum limit set by European Union regulations. This affects the health of local communities. 

Clean Transportation Zones can bring quick and sustainable results and have already been introduced successfully in many European cities. One example of such a zone is the ULEZ (Ultra Low Emission Zone) in London, which has better air quality than many other cities despite heavy traffic. It is worth noting that the daily operation of the zone is supported by Kapsch TrafficCom's system, among others.

As the strategic partner of the event, Kapsch TrafficCom will present at the event the extremely important topic of Clean Transportation Zones along with innovative safety aspects of the zone.

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Maciej Zezyk, Area Sales Manager Poland

Maciej Zezyk

Area Sales Manager Poland, Kapsch TrafficCom

Przemysław Staśkowiak, EMENA Solution Consulting

Przemysław Staśkowiak

Solution Consulting EMENA, Kapsch TrafficCom

Clear Air Zones

Clean Transportation Zones primarily aim to improve air quality by reducing the use of high-polluting vehicles. If effectively planned and implemented,  these zones can help create healthy, thriving cities that are attractive to residents and visitors alike.

Air quality in Poland among the worst in Europe, according to study by The Guardian
Polish cities can no longer wait to fight for air quality
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