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International Mobility Days 2023

23. Nov 2023 9:00 -
24. Nov 2023 16:00

Time zone:
Europe, Vienna

Austrian Federal Economic Chamber, Vienna Austria

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KTC7094 Vienna State-Opera Austria

On November 23-24, 2023, +1,200 international experts of ministries, traffic authorities, mobility provider, companies, cities & regions from +70 nations. The International Mobility Days event is organized by the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber / Advantage Austria and its partners Enterprise European Network.

Marcus Handl, Kapsch TrafficCom EVP Corporate Development/Strategy, will talk on November 23, 2023 at 11:00 a.m. in the „TRAFFIC INFRASTRUCTURE & CONNECTIVITY ” panel about how cities can improve road safety and Traffic Management using Cooperative ITS technology.

Hoping to meet you there!

Meet our expert at the International Mobility Days 2023

Marcus Handl

Marcus Handl

EVP Corporate Development/Strategy, Kapsch TrafficCom

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