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Solutions for city traffic: smart urban mobility

Smart cities begin with smart mobility. Find out how Kapsch TrafficCom drives progress towards sustainable mobility with its smart urban traffic concepts.


UN forecasts show: By 2050, nearly 70 percent of the world's population is expected to live in cities. This makes it crucial for traffic and transportation experts to work on introducing tomorrow's mobility solutions. That's the only way to counteract and prevent growing problems such as congestion, environmental pollution, and safety risks. Kapsch TrafficCom is one of the key players in the development of sustainable mobility concepts for cities. 

Challenges in urban mobility management

Residents and visitors of cities would like to reach their destinations as quickly as possible. Local businesses want optimum connectivity. At the same time, traffic must be managed to reduce congestion to a minimum and to relieve the burden on the environment. Another important factor is the safeguarding of a high quality of life in inner cities. Reconciling these sometimes contradictory interests within the framework of smart urban mobility concepts is probably the greatest challenge cities have to face regarding their mobility management strategies. 


Kapsch TrafficCom's intelligent mobility solutions

Kapsch TrafficCom has been working with city administrations and local authorities for many years. The goal: to improve the quality of life for citizens. Around 200 cities worldwide are already benefiting from the traffic management and mobility solutions developed by Kapsch TrafficCom. In around 30 major cities – from Madrid in Spain to Buenos Aires in Argentina, and Dallas in the USA – our real-time management and traffic management tools are successfully being used. 

Traffic Demand Management

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Traffic Management

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"With our technologies and solutions, we facilitate fair, equal and sustainable mobility and thus contribute to the increasing development of intelligent and holistic traffic management systems."

Alfredo Escribá, CTO

Advantages of smart urban mobility

The benefits of sustainable mobility concepts are obvious: they lead to a reduction in CO2 emissions, thus reducing the burden on the environment. In addition, road users in urban traffic can reach their destination faster and, above all, safely. Read more about the advantages that come with introducing smart urban mobility solutions: 

Emission reduction

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Focus on speed Traffic Campaign

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Road safety

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Further areas of application for our solutions

Tunnels and bridges

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Highway Traffic Solutions

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