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By bringing together data from multiple traffic control systems and agencies, and by supporting real-time and predictive analysis based on artificial intelligence, the Kapsch urban traffic management provides unique benefits for city authorities, mobility agencies, and citizens.

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Today, more people live in cities than do not. As the population of urban areas has grown, traffic has become more congested and air pollution from vehicle emissions has increased. These problems have a significant impact on the quality – and safety – of people living in cities. It is no wonder that, around the world, authorities are looking for new mobility management tools to address the problems of traffic congestion.

Our urban traffic management solution solves all of these challenges.

The result of 30 years of development and continuous improvement, it uses data intelligence to better understand the real-time traffic situation and to optimize the flow of traffic. It increases safety, reduce congestion, protect the environment, improve the understanding of traffic behaviour, enhances mobility, and promotes the use of public transport.

It is suitable for cities of any size and level of complexity – from a basic configuration for a busy intersection to the whole city area and accessing arterials, main inner city corridors and management of specific traffic zones such as city centres.

An umbrella solution to deliver holistic urban traffic management

A key challenge facing city authorities and urban mobility agencies is that they have traditionally relied on multiple systems and processes to control traffic. This makes it hard scale traffic management solutions. What’s more, with separate systems for traffic lights and road-sign management, access controls and congestion charging, as well as video and sensor systems, it is difficult – or impossible – to gain an accurate, real-time view of traffic on the roads. This makes it difficult to react to changing road conditions fast enough.

Kapsch solves these issues with an ‘umbrella’ management system that combines and coordinates existing systems with new innovative solutions such as connected vehicle technologies. This enables us to automate the management of traffic flows – including intelligently controlling traffic-light signalling systems.

  • We automate decision-making to improve the speed of response
    To increase effectiveness of urban traffic management, real-time traffic data is integrated with automated decisioning tools that initiate coordinated responses to changing traffic conditions. By adjusting traffic light timings at specific junctions, and using virtual message signs to shape traveller routes, these responses optimize the capacity of roads at all times.
  • We use predictive analytics to better manage traffic
    Predictive analytics and artificial intelligence help authorities manage traffic proactively by creating and implementing routing strategies, using mobile apps to suggesting alternative transport options or routes.
  • We use artificial intelligence to improve communicating with drivers
    Vehicle data combined with artificial intelligence (AI) techniques are used to provide drivers approaching an intersection with the ideal speed to catch the green light. This helps increase safety, improves traffic flow and reduces fuel consumption.
  • We promote the use of public transport
    Our urban traffic management system can work with real-time bus and tram data to prioritize public transport at intersections.
  • We provide high performance Controllers for efficient traffic control
    Based on a long history of development and improvement of our hardware equipment, such as traffic light controllers, we achieve a level of integration and efficiency ready to meet the most complex project needs. 

With our technologies and solutions, we facilitate fair, equal and sustainable mobility and thus contribute to the increasing development of intelligent and holistic traffic management systems.

Alfredo Escribá, CTO Kapsch TrafficCom

Urban traffic management in action

Kapsch has worked closely with the city of Buenos Aires in Argentina to create an urban traffic management solution designed to reduce traffic and make the city more sustainable. The solution integrates with their existing technologies and manages data from multiple sources to support the Buenos Aires Sustainable Mobility Plan. This includes integrated support for an expanded Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) transit system and an enhanced subway network as well as many new kilometres of bike lanes.

The industry’s most extensive traffic management portfolio

Our solutions push the boundaries of what is possible not only in terms of managing the flow of traffic but also by changing the mobility behaviour of people who live and travel through cities.

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Orchestrated Connected Corridors

For highway and city authorities around the world, our unique capability to deliver end-to-end Orchestrated Connected Corridors is the key to improving road safety and delivering advanced traffic management solutions. 

Traffic intelligence solutions

Traffic intelligence solutions

Kapsch's traffic intelligence solution transforms the current reactive traffic operation into a proactive approach which minimizes congestion and mitigates the impact of unexpected incidents and planned events.

Aerial view of highway

Highway solutions

Kapsch TrafficCom supports many of the most advanced highway traffic management installations in the world. Our unique solutions feature intelligent tools which automate the decision making process enabling authorities to respond faster to incidents and to manage traffic more proactively.

Tunnel with car traffic

Bridges and tunnel management

Kapsch TrafficCom offers an industry leading Bridge & Tunnel Solution. It provides mission-critical support for integrated bridge and tunnel management across safety management, and integrated SCADA capabilities.

Dubai Highways

Traffic Demand Management

Kapsch's Traffic Demand Management solutions empower cities and their citizens to make well-informed and more sustainable daily transport choices that are beneficial for individuals and the city as a whole.

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