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Traffic Intelligence

Kapsch traffic intelligence solution transforms the current reactive traffic operation into a proactive approach which minimizes congestion and mitigates the impact of unexpected incidents and planned events.

CV ITS Intelligent-Transport-System

Connected mobility is in a state of constant evolution. As a result, the mobility landscape is experiencing a period of extensive transformation.

For example, approximately half of all vehicles sold today are connected to the internet. This has created a marketplace for vehicle data and enables around 75% of people to rely on navigation apps, particularly when faced with congestion.


Legislative and public investment in this data has focused on mobility. Numerous countries are now adapting their laws to recognise the value of this data for mobility management. The emergence of traffic intelligence as a strategic sector is clear with initiatives such as the European Union’s ITS Directives, the Common European Data Spaces, and similar initiatives in the US.

Considering this evolving connected mobility ecosystem public administrations recognize the urgent need for new traffic intelligent solutions which use vehicle data to enable them to drive positive change through data-driven traffic management.

Data-driven decisions for a dynamic mobility

Kapsch's traffic intelligence solutions harness specialized data management technologies to deliver valuable insights and data-driven mobility planning. 

Featuring predictive capabilities and early detection of incidents, we enable agencies to transition from reactive to proactive operations. This minimizes congestion and much of the impact caused by unexpected events.

The scalability and openness of our solutions enable traffic agencies to start small and grow progressively, supporting their long-term vision for traffic management improvement. It is a transformative approach which empowers public agencies to make data-driven decisions which enhance traffic flow whilst improving safety and sustainability.

Intersections are the neuralgic point of the road infrastructure. All types of mobility come into contact with each other here, which of course also increases the risk of accidents. The potential of Connected Vehicle technology for accident avoidance and traffic improvement is huge – regardless of whether you're in a car, on a bike or on your own two legs.

Carolin Treichl, EVP EMENA at Kapsch TrafficCom

Kapsch's unique traffic intelligence solution

At the heart of our traffic intelligence capability is our unique and revolutionary traffic intelligence platform. Based on a common data model developed by Kapsch TrafficCom which has been uniquely designed to support traffic and mobility, it facilitates both data sharing and the reuse of data analytics functionalities.

The solution includes a specialized data communications layer which has been uniquely optimized for handling traffic and mobility information. Its expandable and open design promotes seamless management and sharing of real-time and historical data, enabling it to become the foundation for an open and adaptable traffic and mobility data solution.

Once the data is appropriately managed, standardized, and linked to a common reference system, comprehensive analysis becomes possible. This empowers data-driven decision-making. We provide a set of out-of-the-box data analytics use cases which deliver valuable traffic intelligence from day one. These insights empower enhanced traffic planning, encompassing descriptive analytics (‘what happened?) and diagnostic analytics (‘why did it happen?). They also facilitate the analysis of traffic and mobility demand and use artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning.

Intelligent, proactive traffic management

Our solution is built upon three pillars which, together, deliver intelligent, proactive traffic management.

We use machine-learning data prediction models applicable to traffic and mobility data. Tailored for urban and inter-urban environments, these enable proactive decisions and actions to be taken based on anticipated behaviours.

Early detection plays a fundamental role in enhancing operations. To achieve this, our solution incorporates connectors to automatically integrate information from connected vehicles and from drivers. Meanwhile, machine-learning technologies generate specific anomaly detection models to identify significant deviations from expected patterns.

Our traffic intelligence solutions integrate prediction and detection information with the Advanced Traffic Management System (ATMS) which includes a Decision Support System (DSS). As a result, programmed actions and outputs can be automatically triggered by specific conditions and input data.

Traffic intelligence in action

Our traffic Intelligence solutions are suited to both urban and interurban environments, offering customizable modules to suit specific customer needs.

Vienna - Skyline, Austria

Vienna, Austria

In Vienna, Austria, the city is using Kapsch traffic intelligence solutions to optimize the flow of traffic using automated rule-based adjustments to traffic light plans. The solution's historical analysis further supports the observation of traffic evolution, and specialized anomaly detection adds valuable context to the insights and process.


City of Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires, Argentina

In urban areas, Buenos Aires, Argentina, stands as a notable example. Kapsch has provided solutions which enable integrated mobility and urban traffic management. These are enhanced by traffic Intelligence elements such as seamless data integration from diverse sources (traffic data, events, incidents, vehicle detections, license plate data, and public transport information). Moreover, automated publication of street closures and early detection of alerts from the same platform are key features. The solution delivers origin-destination analysis capabilities using various data sources and thorough historical analysis, giving the city comprehensive insights into traffic behaviour.

Dublin (Ireland)


Kapsch's Network Intelligence and Management System (NIMS) project covers the entire Republic of Ireland and illustrates the effectiveness of traffic intelligence. NIMS facilitates the integration, processing, and publication of information to drivers, providing infrastructure communication services to connected vehicles in order to enhance safety. In addition, real-time monitoring of travel times at the operational level and analysis of behavioural patterns contribute to effective traffic management and planning.

The industry’s most extensive traffic management portfolio

Our solutions push the boundaries of what is possible not only in terms of managing the flow of traffic but also by changing the mobility behaviour of people who live and travel through cities.

Traffic light

Urban solutions

By bringing together data from multiple traffic control systems and agencies, and by supporting real-time and predictive analysis based on artificial intelligence, the Kapsch urban traffic management provides unique benefits for city authorities, mobility agencies, and citizens.

Aerial view with cars and pedestrians

Orchestrated Connected Corridors

For highway and city authorities around the world, our unique capability to deliver end-to-end Orchestrated Connected Corridors is the key to improving road safety and delivering advanced traffic management solutions. 

Aerial view of highway

Highway solutions

Kapsch TrafficCom supports many of the most advanced highway traffic management installations in the world. Our unique solutions feature intelligent tools which automate the decision making process enabling authorities to respond faster to incidents and to manage traffic more proactively.

Tunnel with car traffic

Bridges and tunnel management

Kapsch TrafficCom offers an industry leading Bridge & Tunnel Solution. It provides mission-critical support for integrated bridge and tunnel management across safety management, and integrated SCADA capabilities.

Dubai Highways

Traffic Demand Management

Kapsch's Traffic Demand Management solutions empower cities and their citizens to make well-informed and more sustainable daily transport choices that are beneficial for individuals and the city as a whole.

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