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Traffic Management 

In the future, traffic management will be all about data, software and services.

Traffic lights alone are no longer sufficient means of traffic management. The massive traffic volumes of today require new political and technical approaches that also take into account the responsible handling of environmental resources.

These approaches vary from country to country and from road to road – and our traffic management solutions can be adapted to any of them. We create, supply, install and operate complete solutions and individual components to upgrade and optimize existing systems.  

Kapsch TrafficCom's traffic management solutions

  • Urban areas
    Managed lanes and integrated mobility management solutions provide an overview of a city's overall traffic situation – and thereby contribute to an optimal steering of traffic and thus the prevention of congestion and the reduction of emissions.
  • Highways
    Our solutions were designed to reduce travel time and improve the safety of high-speed traffic.
  • Bridges and tunnels
    We implement all-in-one solutions for traffic monitoring, road user protection and emergency measures.

Increased safety, reduced travel time: Would you like to know more about the benefits of our traffic management solutions? Find out about lower emissions, improved traffic flow and enhanced road safety!


From solutions to smart services

The age of data has paved the way for a new chapter of traffic management: managing not only traffic but also mobility behavior.

In addition, we also focus on gathering data and disseminating information through connected vehicle technology. Vehicle-to-X (V2X) fuels the growth of data-based business models and is one of the core drivers of our business.

At the same time, we are working on smart traffic management solutions based on a standardized, cloud-based technology platform.

These solutions are centered around three areas:

  • traffic optimization: timing plans analysis and optimization based on data analytics
  • decision intelligence: traffic analytics, decision support through traffic simulation and prediction
  • mobility operation: open data hub, multi-agency incidents management, traffic management system as-a-service
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