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Tolling services

Kapsch TrafficCom is revolutionizing toll collection with innovative and future-proof solutions from smartphone apps to cloud-based back-office systems.

What do increasing urbanization, motorized individual transport and smartphone use have in common? They call for innovative and intelligent solutions in the field of tolling.

We are on the cusp of a profound transformation in the mobility sector. Global trends and developments are changing road user behavior at an unprecedented pace. At the same time, possibilities abound. If we are able to tap into the potentials of the times, we can collectively contribute to a healthier, more sustainable world without congestion. And that's what we at Kapsch TrafficCom are all about.

“The future lies in data, software, and services.”

Alfredo Escribá, CTO

Fit for the future – with tolling apps 

Today's tolling solutions primarily rely on dedicated devices such as on-board units (OBUs) as the primary charging technology and user interface. In the future, tolling apps integrated into smartphones and in-vehicle infotainment systems will gradually take their place. Smartphones and connected vehicles equipped with 4G (and up) can interact with backend systems to process transactions, while GNSS can provide the requisite location data if and where it is required. Compliance will similarly be controlled via GNSS and video rather than DSRC (dedicated short-range communication). 

Onward and upward – with Uproad! 

To improve the experience of road users, Kapsch TrafficCom has created the Uproad mobile app. It allows users to plan their trip, calculate toll charges, and pay them at the touch of a button – all from the screen of their smartphone. The app is already successfully being used by motorists across California, Texas, and Virginia, and will soon be available nationwide throughout the US. To learn more about the app, please visit the Uproad website

Advantages & possibilities 

Apps such as Uproad can give end-customers access to a range of mobility services and payment options in a single app. They provide motorists with a digital, integrated user experience that leads to increased convenience and thus customer satisfaction. 

From the standpoint of authorities and mobility companies, next-generation tolling solutions require less roadside equipment, gantries, and onboard devices. This improves the cost-value equation by, for instance, easing congestion and idling at toll plazas.

These novel technologies also pave the way for integrations with other smart traffic management technologies – including public transport, parking and city congestion charging schemes. By connecting the apps to GPS navigation providers, intelligent route guidance solutions can suggest alternate routes based on conditions such as traffic volume or emission levels. Innovative schemes with per-mile or per-kilometer charges could replace traditional fuel and road taxes, making way for a fairer system for levying tolls. 


Tolling application Uproad

Uproad is a mobile tolling application that enables drivers to pay tolls and manage user accounts directly from a smartphone. With Uproad, drivers can use the app to pay tolls, plan routes, and calculate toll costs in advance while also receiving real-time notifications when passing toll points. The app replaces conventional toll transponders (“tags” or on-board units).

Our mobile tolling application is active in multiple US states, including California and Texas, and plans to add coverage for the rest of the US toll road network by the end of 2021. Easy in-app payment and account management options further facilitate the user experience. Because drivers with an Uproad account can pay tolls wherever Uproad is active, the service promotes tolling interoperability and a seamless travel experience.

Uproad allows agencies to immediately save on the operational costs of servicing infrequent customers by paying these user tolls, and covering the operational costs for drivers who use Uproad instead of an agency account. The service eliminates the agency’s customer support activities, invoicing costs, and interchange fees associated with Uproad drivers. 

Service provider tolltickets GmbH

tolltickets GmbH is a service provider in the field of European toll payments and offers toll products to private and business customers. tolltickets enables both light and heavy goods vehicle users to pay tolls effortlessly by issuing the relevant on-board unit or digital or physical vignette and has the broadest coverage of all service providers. 

After recording the toll transactions in the respective country, tolltickets acts as a single source and issues a single invoice for collecting all toll payments from the customer. Moreover, tolltickets also provides a full range of white label services for fuel card issuers, OEMs and mobility service providers. tolltickets has been a certified EETS provider since February 2018. tolltickets services are enabled by a smart combination of the technical expertise of Kapsch TrafficCom and the service-oriented know-how of the tolltickets team.

Next-generation backend systems 

At Kapsch TrafficCom, innovation doesn't stop at user-facing technologies. Newer systems consist of modular, plug-and-play components. They can be partially or fully migrated to the cloud and are also offered as software-as-a-service.

By building the systems on open technologies, they are fully compatible with current and future tolling infrastructure and software tools, including geo-location-based systems and user-facing mobility apps. This allows authorities to deploy the latest, best-of-breed technologies. It keeps their schemes highly scalable and significantly increases the efficiency of their tolling operations. 

Service providers

The conventional commercial operation of tolling systems is partly evolving into a service provider business

Kapsch has been a leading provider for road tolling systems for more than two decades. Our global tolling services solutions are aimed at helping service providers with little or no experience in toll collection navigate and avoid the complexity of working and partnering directly with toll agencies. 

To streamline the integration with all available hardware and software, we believe tolling solutions should be based on open industry standards. This is also why our partnership approach does not focus on specific providers in particular, and we do not strive for exclusive agreements. Instead, we envisage partnerships that contribute to a toll market consisting of best-in-class services. Will you join us in revolutionizing the future of tolling? Let's make it happen! 


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