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Webinar: How to plan for a sustainable future?

15. Dec 2020 15:00

Time zone:
Europe, Vienna


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Singapore / Singapur

About the webinar:
For those of us in the transport industry, making every journey more sustainable is clearly a major focus, and a moral obligation to future generations. However, we also need to understand and accept that many of us are dependent on private vehicles to move around – a fact that’s unlikely to change in the years to come.
 In December 2015, the world witnessed a watershed moment for action on climate change. On this date, 195 nations who are responsible for 90% greenhouse gas emissions, signed the Paris Agreement.

Taking this into consideration, Kapsch TrafficCom has further developed its portfolio of joined-up traffic management solutions that can be implemented today to reduce vehicle emissions and subsequently, support the authorities’ air quality and climate strategies.

In this webinar, we look at how vehicle emissions can be reduced in the short term with the right, joined-up management solutions and explain how Kapsch TrafficCom can be your sustainable mobility partner.



  • Introduction: Sustainability@Kapsch TrafficCom – vision & actions (Juliane Höbarth)
  • Keynote: Situation analysis: What are the main challenges for cities in terms of emission reduction? (Steve Parsons)
  • The next step in demand management – transforming the end user behavior with joined up traffic management. (Bernard Lamy)
  • Q&As

The webinar took place on December 15, 2020. For the recording please contact

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