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49th ATEC ITS France Congress 2022

18. Jan 2022 9:00 -
20. Jan 2022 18:00

Time zone:
Europe, Paris

Belfry of Montrouge, Paris, France
Kapsch stand 07

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KTC6136 Illuminated Eiffel tower at night seen from the Arc de Triomphe in Paris

Join us on 18-20 January 2022 at ATEC ITS France Congress, the only event dedicated to smart mobility in France that brings together all the players in the field to present the latest innovations, promote the meeting between contractors and solution providers and encourage the deployment of new projects.

Road traffic is a significant root cause of CO2 emissions and air pollution. Without a new course, the transport sector is in danger of failing to meet legal limits set by the World Health Organization.

France and other countries have committed to a substantial reduction of CO2 emissions by 2030 and to become CO2 neutral by 2050. Urgent action is needed immediately to achieve this goal.

While long-term planning is key, technology can also help the gridlocked cities to improve traffic flow and achieve emissions quick wins.

In particular, innovative digital technologies now exist that can help city authorities, transport agencies, and highways agencies to sense traffic conditions in real time, allowing them to implement measures to reduce traffic demand – such as dynamically increasing tolls or congestion charges, or controlling or preventing access for polluting vehicles.

Our experts are happy to assist with any open questions. Don't miss the opportunity to speak to them at our booth. 

Our experts:

Nathalie Leboucher
Nathalie Leboucher

SVP Sales Western Europe, Middle East, Africa, Kapsch TrafficCom 

Fahim Belarbi
Fahim Belarbi 

Technical Director and Solution Consulting, Kapsch TrafficCom France SAS  

Quentin Houet
Quentin Houet

Sales Director Western Europe, Middle East, Africa, Kapsch TrafficCom France SAS

ATEC ITS France Congress is a free-to-attend exhibition. You can register here:

In February 2021, Kapsch TrafficCom was awarded a framework contract by APRR for the supply, implementation and technical operations of Multi-Lane Free Flow tolling systems. This will improve traffic flow and decrease the environmental impact on the RCEA highway.

The tolling market is changing fundamentally and these changes will impact both brown and greenfield tolling initiatives. 

In out webinar, Nathalie Leboucher together with our tolling experts look at how tolling is changing, what the future holds  and how next-generation tolling solutions can help authorities overcome their congestion and infrastructure funding related challenges – while also delivering a far better experience for road users.

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