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KapschTechTalk, the new podcast hosted by Kapsch TrafficCom featuring discussions on technology and innovation.

Alfredo Escribá, CTO of Kapsch TrafficCom regularly discusses mobility-related topics, such as congestion, transport demand and emission reduction with a variety of guest speakers.

Episode #3 – Urban Mobility with Philipp Rode

How does growth of urban populations influence road users? What new urban traffic initiatives have been taken recently in cities? Has the Covid-19 pandemic changed mobility in cities? In our 3rd podcast CTO, Alfredo Escribá discusses questions on urban mobility with Philipp Rode, Executive Director of LSE Cities at the London School of Economics.

Episode #2 – Transport Demand with Meike Jipp

What will cities look like in 2050 and how will that impact traffic? Will public transport become more important or will fully connected autonomous e-cars be the future? In our new podcast CTO, Alfredo Escribá discusses these and other questions on transport demand with Meike Jipp, psychologist and Director of Institute of Transport Research at DLR in Berlin.

Episode #1 – Congestion with Mark Watts

What are the main levers to pull to fight for fighting the impacts of congestion? What will shape the mobility of the future? CTO, Alfredo Escribá had the pleasure to discuss the issue of congestion and its ecological footprint with former Member of the European Parliament and transport analyst Mark Watts.

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