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17. May 2023
Going local. Growing global. Interview with Samuel Kapsch.

IV: Samuel, according to a publication by TomTom, drivers in Santiago spend an average of almost 200 hours per year in rush hour. Can you confirm this from your own experience? Samuel: Yes, …

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24. October 2022
How authorities can accelerate public acceptance and adoption for Road User Charging

As the number of EVs on the world’s roads continues to increase exponentially, governments around the world are looking for ways to replace falling revenues from fuel taxes. Road user charging – …

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5. October 2022
How Road User Charging could help London fight congestion and boost long-term transport funding

With more electronic vehicles (EVs) on the road than ever, the congestion challenge in UK’s capital remains large whilst revenues from fuel tax is inevitably falling. All of this is adding to …

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6. December 2021
How the city of Vienna is cutting vehicle emissions with “green wave” driving

”Cities play an essential role in In the fight against the global climate crisis and its consequences. As the road traffic contributes on average 25% of urban ambient air pollution from PM¹ and …

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23. November 2021
The global evolution of tolling – 4 key trends

“Tolling approaches and technologies are evolving extremely rapidly to support the needs of agencies, independent tolling providers, and – of course – road users themselves. In this blog, we look …

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11. November 2021
Ibiza, paradigm of smart tourism by Kapsch and Vodafone

Ibiza, Smart and Sustainable Tourism' is the name of the innovative project with which the Consell d'Eivissa wants to modernise the island's tourist and environmental management. The protection o…

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21. September 2021
How cities can tackle vehicle congestion and emissions with intelligent traffic management.

A new generation of joined-up traffic management solutions promises to reduce congestion and improve air quality in cities worldwide. To find out more, we asked Kapsch TrafficCom’s VP   Sales…

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15. July 2021
7 ways next-generation congestion charging can make your scheme more effective and fairer.

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2. June 2021
The 7 top benefits of next-generation road tolling.

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