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30. August 2017
Mixed results in the first quarter, but promising new business opportunities.

Highlights. Revenues increased by 7.9% to EUR 164.3 million EBIT is -33.4% below last year’s comparison value which included a one-time effect P…

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16. June 2015
Kapsch TrafficCom reports clear improvement in profits in fiscal year 2014/15.
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25. February 2015
Kapsch TrafficCom sets a course for higher profitability and growth.

Revenue in the first three quarters of 2014/15 slightly below the previous year EBIT significantly increased despite the lack of new large projects …

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20. November 2014
Kapsch TrafficCom strives to achieve two-digit EBIT margin by 2015/16 with “Program 2020”.

Revenue in the first half of 2014/15 slightly above the previous year’s level, EBIT significantly improved Program 2020 consists of short- and …

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20. August 2014
Kapsch TrafficCom initiated a set of measures to secure its growth strategy in the first quarter of…

Existing projects continue to progress well, new installation projects fail to materialize Revenue and EBIT below the previous year, profit for the …

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11. June 2014
Kapsch TrafficCom strengthens the position despite a mediocre 2013/14 fiscal year.

Market growth absent in the toll collection area – revenue comparable to previous year Toll systems in South Africa and Belarus successfully put…

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26. February 2014
Kapsch TrafficCom reports successful system starts – revenues and earnings for the first three …

Project progress brought about another revenue increase of 14% Milestone reached in South Africa: Toll collection system in operation since December …

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27. November 2013
Kapsch TrafficCom significantly reduces semi-annual loss and sees itself on the right path.

Increased revenue thanks to project progress and ongoing operation of systems Good performance in system operation enables a positive EBIT Expansion …

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19. August 2013
Kapsch TrafficCom makes significant project progress in the first quarter.

Expansion phase 1 of the major project in Belarus concluded Increased revenue thanks to project progress and operation of the toll system in Poland …

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