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Covering 9,000 citizens, representative of the population across 9 countries with more than 80 questions, the Kapsch TrafficCom Index provides answers of how congestion and emissions effect peoples lives.

The survey analyses the public opinion in the USA, Argentina, Chile, UK, France, Germany, Austria, Spain and Australia. The answers reveal what people think and feel about modern traffic solutions, e.g. digital navigation, signal timing, tolling, carpooling or public transport, to significantly reduce the negative effects of traffic in city centers, metropolitan areas and on national highways. The results offer guidance for decision makers and the public to better deal with traffic-related challenges for now and in the future.

“Mobility is an expression of individual freedom,” says Georg Kapsch, Chief Executive Officer of Kapsch TrafficCom. “At the same time, traffic is an incredibly complex and multifaceted system, especially in view of the increasing urbanization. It is our mission to develop technical solutions to make this complex system safer, more efficient and more sustainable.”

Imagine a World without Congestion.

Download the whitepaper here.

Almost 70 percent of the inhabitants in New York, London, and Sydney are dissatisfied with the current traffic flow on roads, particularly in cities. Overcrowded streets and air pollution are proving negative effects. Existing infrastructure is reaching its limits. 9,000 citizens around the globe have been surveyed.

At the same time megatrends such as the digital revolution drive rapid change: due to smartphones, citizens have a number of new choices to travel from A to B. In addition, climate and environmental protection urgently demands new standards.

Read all the insightful news in our whitepaper “Imagine a World without Congestion”. Experts describe, how modern technology already makes it possible today that traffic jams on the roads need not remain a law of nature – they can be eliminated with modern traffic management systems.

Webinar – A World without Congestion

Mobility is an expression of individual freedom. At the same time, traffic is an incredibly complex and multifaceted system, especially in view of the increasing urbanization. Due to the current pandemic situation, many roads around the world are almost deserted. However, under normal circumstances, road users on all continents are far from satisfied with the flow of traffic, as the Kapsch TrafficCom Index 2020 reveals for the Americas, Europe, and Australia. Covering 9,000 citizens, representative of the population across 9 countries, this survey provides answers on how congestion and emissions affect people’s lives. And our experts will demonstrate how this situation can be improved.


  • Presentation of results from the global Traffic Index study on congestion
  • Impacts of the Covid pandemic on mobility and transport in our cities
  • Insights into viable Strategies and ITS solutions and their value to citizens and society
  • Experience from successful urban schemes
  • Q&As


André F. Laux
Chief Operating Officer, Kapsch TrafficCom

Susanna Hauptmann
Specialist on Mobility Behaviour, Kapsch TrafficCom

Gabriel Makki
Product & Solution Manager Tolling Solutions, Kapsch TrafficCom