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Delivering the vision of
sustainable mobility

The transport industry has set itself the clear goal of making every journey more sustainable. This is also a moral obligation to future generations.

In December 2015, the world witnessed a watershed moment for action on climate change. On this date, 195 nations who are responsible for 90% of greenhouse gas emissions, signed the Paris Agreement.

In order to support the realization of the climate goals, Kapsch TrafficCom has further developed its portfolio of joined-up traffic management solutions that can be implemented today to reduce vehicle emissions.

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Delivering the vision of sustainable mobility is the title of our brand-new brochure. Learn more about the technical solutions that contribute to climate friendly traffic. Read which cities are already using intelligent transport systems and have thus been able to significantly reduce their traffic and its emissions.

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“Advanced methods, involving vehicle connectivity and AI-based data processing, can further reduce emissions caused by congestion and inefficient traffic.”

Alfredo Escribá, CTO of Kapsch TrafficCom 


Learn more about the CO2 savings in Dallas and Texas, USA, the increased traffic speed in Mumbai, India and much more at our references.

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