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Reduction in emissions – through intelligent mobility solutions

International organizations, cities, states, road operators, and automobile manufacturers have set themselves the goal of reducing emissions caused by vehicles. Kapsch TrafficCom is contributing to this goal by developing and implementing advanced traffic technologies and solutions.

Traffic: the problem child regarding climate change

Many industries have already achieved a reduction in emissions – but not the transport sector. The number of vehicles on the roads is still increasing. Vehicle emissions are surging and are responsible for an alarming 24% of global CO2 emissions (source: world resources institute).

Traffic also has a negative impact on air quality. Approximately 80% of the world's population now lives in cities where air quality is below the safety standards set by the WHO. Every year, an estimated 4.2 million people die as a result of pollution (source: world resources institute).

Global climate protection: the Paris Agreement

In December 2015, 195 nations signed the Paris Agreement and thus committed to reducing their CO2 emissions. More than 25 nations have also set themselves the goal of achieving climate neutrality by specific dates.

Sustainable mobility – from vision to implementation

As growing traffic emissions threaten the intended outcomes of the Paris Agreement, smart solutions are needed to make every trip more sustainable. In recent years, Kapsch TrafficCom has steadily developed its portfolio of traffic management solutions. Today, we are able to contribute to the implementation of local environmental and climate initiatives.

Thanks to state-of-the-art transport technologies, congestion and air pollution could soon become a thing of the past. The future of traffic is comfortable, efficient, safe, and has a minimal impact on the environment. Say hello to a new quality of life and a healthier planet!

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Sustainable mobility

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