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Tunnels and bridges

High-speed roads need to be especially safe. Find out how Kapsch TrafficCom is making motorways around the world safer and more efficient.


Traffic is a highly complex system, and existing infrastructures are reaching their limits. Critical points such as tunnels and bridges often turn out to be the weakest link in the traffic chain. And that’s exactly where Kapsch TrafficCom comes in.

Technical solutions for a world without congestion

We have made it our mission to provide well-thought-out solutions for managing critical traffic points. For we believe that traffic jams can be eliminated – with the help of modern traffic management systems.

Tunnels and bridges often turn out to be the “bottlenecks” of roadway systems. Special regulations and safety guidelines are required to ensure the structural integrity of these vulnerable points. For instance, if a tunnel or a bridge becomes impassable, it takes extra precautionary measures to manage critical situations.

Preventing safety hazards for road, tunnel and bridge users

Our all-in-one solutions were designed to identify problematic situations before they become a safety hazard. Our state-of-the-art systems for traffic monitoring, road user protection and emergency measures are safe, efficient and sustainable

They can be used to manage the flow of traffic as well as critical infrastructure elements. All of this can be done via a single user interface with integrated traffic and facility management functionalities. 

Our solutions for tunnel and bridge traffic management

  • offer real-time incident detection and decision-making assistance.
  • enable rapid deployment of emergency personnel to the incident location.
  • are designed for different environments, from mountain areas to interurban locations or even under water.

Tunnel management by Kapsch TrafficCom

tunnel systems installed

years of experience

16 %
of tunnels longer than 2,000 m

84 %
of tunnels leading up to 2,000 m


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