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Neuigkeiten und spannende Einblicke: Im Blogbereich finden Sie Hintergrundinformationen der Kapsch TrafficCom.

2. June 2021
The 7 top benefits of next-generation road tolling

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27. mayo 2021
Apostar por una movilidad más sostenible.

Javier Aguirre, presidente de Kapsch TrafficCom para España y Portugal. Ha llegado el momento de reimaginar la movilidad y diseñar estrategias que nos ayuden a modificar nuestro comportamiento …

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27. May 2021
Betting on a more sustainable mobility.

Javier Aguirre, President of Kapsch TraffiCom for Spain and Portugal. It is time to reimagine mobility and devise strategies that will help us change our travel behavior, and devise more efficient…

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15. April 2021
7 ways next-generation congestion charging can make your scheme more effective and fairer

“Traditional congestion charging schemes may help to reduce demand, but they often overlook important factors such as the true environmental damage of journeys, if alternative transport options …

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15. April 2021
How to cut traffic congestion and emissions with Integrated Mobility Management

“Traffic congestion, and related emissions, are creating a public health crisis, as well as costing cities millions in lost productivity. By replacing traditional and stand-alone traffic …

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15. abril 2021
Cómo reducir la congestión del tráfico y las emisiones con la gestión integrada de la movilidad

"La congestión, y las emisiones relacionadas, están creando una crisis de salud pública, además de costar a las ciudades millones en pérdidas de productividad. Sustituyendo las soluciones …

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22. March 2021
3 simple steps for cutting traffic congestion and emissions

You might think that proactive traffic management solutions that cut congestion and emissions are too expensive for your agency – but think again. With mature, smart technologies – and data from …

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14. January 2021
Racing toward Sustainable and Smart Mobility

Over 100 years ago our great-grandparents faced an untenable situation. In the late 19 th century horses were the transport mode of choice and horse manure was the principal problem of the day . …

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2. January 2021
Congestion Pricing

Congestion charging is an increasingly popular topic of consideration in cities wrestling with seemingly intractable congestion problems. Congestion pricing means charging fees for road use …

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