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Managed lanes.

Managed lanes for reduced traffic congestion.

Growing congestion levels are a major concern in densely populated areas, as it adversely affects the quality of life of the inhabitants and the environment. The managed lanes concept helps to avoid congestion and lower CO2 levels by giving multiple-occupant vehicles priority use of HOV (High-Occupancy Vehicle) lanes. Our DYNAC based traffic management solutions allow for the monitoring and control of traffic entering and exiting these lanes, as well as of the HOT (High – Occupancy Toll) lanes where drivers typically pay a fee based on current traffic conditions to enter the HOT lane and drive faster.


Integration with city tolling systems.

We supply traffic management solutions based on our DYNAC® software which can also be integrated into back office toll collection systems. Sensors automatically identify the number of occupants in a vehicle, while tolls can be calculated dynamically based on the traffic situation, and current prices are transmitted to electronic road signs, all in real-time. 

Key references
Key references

Lyndon B. Johnson Freeway & North Tarrant Express Highway.

Two highways in Dallas and Fort Worth, TX, USA include managed lanes for which tolls are calculated dynamically. We combined a number of elements to create a comprehensive system consisting of toll collection, an Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) for incident detection, traffic management, and provision of data for additional solutions, as well as a Network Communication System (NCS) that links all of the components.