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Webinar: “Transformations in tolling”

08. Jun 2021 15:00

Time zone:
Europe, Vienna


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KTC2721 Tolling

About the webinar.

The tolling market is changing fundamentally and these changes will impact both brown and greenfield tolling initiatives. In addition to technological innovations, increased demand is putting existing systems under pressure, with more vehicles to monitor from the roadside.

The good news for road authorities is that next-generation approaches to tolling can help to address these and other challenges, while maintaining a high degree of revenue collection and ensuring existing KPIs continue to be met.

In this webinar we look at how tolling is changing, what the future holds  and how next-generation tolling solutions can help authorities overcome their congestion and infrastructure funding related challenges – while also delivering a far better experience for road users.


  • Keynote: situation analysis: Diversity of tolling situations in the world today (Nathalie Leboucher)
  • How will the tolling sector evolve in the next 10 years? A vision of future opportunities and challenges (Justin Hamilton)
  • Solving it all through technology enablement. (Gabriel Makki)
  • Q&As


Nathalie Leboucher
Nathalie Leboucher

VP Sales Western Europe, Middle East, North Africa, Kapsch TrafficCom.

Justin Hamilton
Justin Hamilton

Business Development, Light Vehicles, Kapsch TrafficCom.

Gabriel Makki
Gabriel Makki

Product & Solution Manager Tolling Solutions, Kapsch TrafficCom.

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