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Webinar: Challenges and opportunities of the new urban mobility

22. Okt. 2020 15:00

Europe, Vienna


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Singapore / Singapur

Today, mobility in cities is undergoing generational change, especially in the context of recent global events.

The near-ubiquity of good quality connectivity does not only allow a wide range of new stakeholders to enter the transport arena, but also gives mobility systems and its operators the chance to make use of a vast amount of data and the opportunity to directly interact with mobility users.

 Undoubtedly, technological evolution presents us with numerous exciting possibilities, but it creates a complex and highly fragmented traffic information. Cities are facing a challenge to accommodate this under a unified umbrella (“digital roof”) to make traveling for their citizens more efficient while targeting additional environmental goals under challenging and changing conditions.

 We believe that these new needs and challenges make it necessary to address Urban Traffic Management with new concepts. In the webinar, our experts will analyze the situation and demonstrate benefits based on practical use cases.

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