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The Empowerment of Women in Tech

17. März 2021 15:00 - 16:00

Europe, Vienna


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Women at Kapsch



What makes us, as women, feel successful in the tech industry?

 Kapsch TrafficCom is pleased to bring you to the second free to attend web event in the webinar series on the topic: ‘’The Empowerment of Women’’.

 Join us on March 17, 2021 at 3pm (CET) 

About the event.

“Computing Is Too Important to Be Left to Men”— Karen Spärck Jones, Pioneering Computer Scientist (1935 – 2007) 

 At Kapsch TrafficCom, women make up 29% of the global workforce and are holding 21% of all leadership roles. These are common figures for tech companies but is this enough to truly benefit from gender diversity? Where do we need to be to have a more diverse, thriving, and impactful tech industry in the future and what can tech companies and we at Kapsch TrafficCom do to turn the tides and to make the gender gap a thing of the past?


In this live talk, Dr. Maha Salem, Senior User Experience Researcher at WhatsApp and previously at Google is going to join us. She has an academic research background in Human-Machine Interaction and, in her current work, she is focusing on people who are going online for the first time in their lives. She will share her career story and the challenges she faced and will talk about what working life in big tech companies might seem like in general. We will continue with a panel discussion, where Maha will be joined by some fantastic women in technical roles at Kapsch, talking about their professional life.



·       Women in big tech companies by Dr. Maha Salem

·   Panel discussion with: 

o   Maha Salem, User Experience Researcher  

o   Arezoo Edrisian, Executive Expert 

o   Juliane Höbarth, Head of Standardization, Processes & Product Security 

o   Laura Lotteraner, Junior Platform Manager  

o   Daniela Salvatella, Business Support Engineer 

·       Open Q&A session 

We are looking forward to welcoming you to this event!