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Plaza tolling.

The past was dominated by manually operated tolling plazas. Travellers remember them as slow, cumbersome outposts where each vehicle must fully stop to make a time consuming cash transaction, and where in some countries waiting times of up to several hours were expected. Nowadays, Kapsch has been at the forefront of a clear shift from purely manually operated traditional plaza tolling systems towards automated, electronic toll collection. Road users pay tolls electronically, while driving through the plaza without stopping, only reducing their speed. Payment is processed automatically and barely affects traffic flow. This makes operations significantly more efficient, and turns what was a motorists nightmare, into at most a mild inconvenience.

We engineer and deploy a variety of different solutions for traditional plaza tolling, ranging from manual toll collection by means of cash or card payments to electronic toll payment using on-board units (OBUs). ANPR/ALPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition, Automatic License Plate Recognition) can also be implemented to support tolling efforts.

Modernization of traditional plaza tolling systems, including incorporation into fully electronic toll collection systems.

Drawing upon our many years of experience with fully electronic MLFF (Multi-Lane Free-Flow) toll collection systems, we modernize existing traditional plaza tolling systems and their upgrades to allow electronic toll payment options (OBU, ANPR) as well as engineer tailor-made transitions to fully electronic toll collection systems. Moreover, we seamlessly integrate existing traditional plaza tolling systems, operated with or without barriers by various concession holders, into larger electronic tolling systems.

Key references
  • Stable revenue streams due to high performace technololgy.
  • Significant contribution to emission reduction, since electronic toll collection has almost no effect on traffic flow. Increased automation ensures economical operation.
  • Our solutions are suitable for all vehicle categories and unique installations (bridges, tunnels, highways, etc.), and pricing models (time or distance-based, passing specific checkpoints, or any combination of these parameters).
  • For each project, we integrate adequate technology that meets internationally recognized standards: Digital Short Range Communications (DSRC CEN 5.8 GHz, RFID 915 MHz) as well as ANPR/ALPR.
  • We develop the core technologies in-house.
  • We provide system integration, as well as technical and commercial operation of toll collection systems.
Key references

We have engineered and deployed plaza tolling systems all over the world: in Chile, Mexico, and the USA, as well as South Africa and India. In Poland, we have set up plaza tolling systems on the A2 and A4 highways that are fully integrated into the country-wide MLFF system. We handle every aspect of their technical and commercial operation.