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Intermodal mobility

A new understanding of mobility.

An increasing number of voices are arguing that mobility is a fundamental right. We at Kapsch agree. That is why we have made it our mission to support road users with intelligent mobility solutions that can help them reach their destination comfortably, safely, quickly, and efficiently while using minimum resources.

If this fundamental right is to continue for the rapidly growing number of people on this Earth, we will also need a new understanding of mobility. This can no longer involve everyone driving their own private vehicle. On the contrary, mobility must come to be seen as a service. The idea of “mobility as a service” implies an optimal interplay between a variety of transportation modes, including private cars, public transportation, and bicycle rentals. This covers the range from Park & Ride and route planning that incorporates the fastest and most economical means of transportation all the way to integrated reservation and payment systems for the transportation service, all designed to get people from point A to point B as quickly and comfortably as possible.

An all-in-one cloud-based marketplace.

In January 2017 Kapsch TrafficCom acquired a 75% stake in Fluidtime, a provider of software solutions and user-friendly mobile services enabling intermodal urban travelling. Fluidtime's centerpiece software FluidHub integrates the large variety of transport modes available in modern metropolitan areas into customizable mobility service packages. It supports mobility stakeholders in building up a sustainable MaaS ecosystem that can cope with today’s transport challenges in urban as well as rural areas. FluidHub offers an innovative toolbox to assist cities and regional authorities during the implementation of sustainable integrated mobility measures:

  • Ensure access to publicly available mobility that is socially inclusive, affordable and environmentally friendly. 
  • Support local development processes by integrating regional transport services.
  • Introduce on-demand services including first / last mile and ride-sharing to reduce operational cost.
  • Set regulatory framework conditions by defining and monitoring service quality KPIs.
  • Manage and influence traffic networks by facilitating peak avoidance based on mobility data.
  • Gain insights into mobility demand and modal split through data analysis.

To find out more, please visit the Fluidtime website