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Commercial vehicle enforcement.

Efficient freight transport monitoring.

A functioning system of transportation logistics is the backbone of our economic system. Logistics enterprises operate under high cost and time pressure when rendering their services. They are obligated to adhere to requirements that have been established to ensure the safety of all traffic participants, to lower carbon emissions, and to enable cost-effective operation of the traffic infrastructure. Technology-assisted monitoring and enforcement of traffic regulations support in achieving these objectives.

Our customers must provide for safe and secure roads and smooth roadway operation. We support them with our solutions for Commercial Vehicle Enforcement (CVE). Video and sensor technologies installed along the roadway permit the identification of trucks not compliant with laws and enable our clients take necessary action, which might include a detailed check by the authorities or an automatic levying of fines.


Our technologies cover all steps involved in commercial vehicle enforcement:

  • Access authorization (eClearance): Authorized vehicles are identified automatically using ID equipment such as RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) readers.
  • Electronic vehicle screening (eScreening): Vehicle speed, vehicle class (including details such as number of axles), and vehicle weight are automatically recorded via laser, video, or piezo sensors.
  • Vehicle inspections (eInspection): Additional data on the vehicle and its position is transmitted to the back office via 5.9 GHZ DSRC (Digital Short-Range Communications) radio technology.
  • PrePass: Components supplier to HELP Inc.’s PrePass weigh station bypass system. 31 states, 350+ stations, 435,000+ transponders/registered trucks (pre-clearance solution)
  • NorPass: Components supplier to NorPass’s weigh station bypass system. 9+ states and Canadian Provinces and 50,000+ transponders (pre-clearance solution)
  • Montana Department of Transportation: Montana Automated Weigh Station Screening System (screening solution)
  • Indiana Department of Transportation: Indiana Weigh Station System (screening solution)
  • NYSDOT/NYSERDA: 5.9 wireless assessment weigh station pilot (clearance solution)
  • Michigan DOT: 5.9 Truck Parking Connected Vehicle System (clearance solution)
  • Indiana, Illinois and Ohio: 5.9 HELP, Inc. wireless assessment pilot project (clearance solution)