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Oil and Gas

Beside the geographical and exploration challenges, the Oil & Gas Industry faces a volatile and rapidly changing market.  The competition for draining resources drives the need to lower operating costs and increase recovery rates, while shareholders are pressuring for a visible and faster return on their investments.

Advanced technology provides vast amounts of information that can help companies be more successful in all areas, including exploration and production or distribution. However there is often too much complex information to process and understand while needed to make quick and accurate decisions.

Integrating the innovative technology with existing systems, new tools and a global network of business partners from different environments can be difficult. Much of the potentially useful data captured today is not typically stored, nor is it distributed to the people who can use it the most. Complex production problems require an understanding of the issues and the adoption of the appropriate tools to critically analyze data and determine historical patterns. Turning this data into useful, relevant information that will help make business-critical decisions is one of the main challenges the industry faces today.

Kapsch Romania offers industry specific, customized and integrated solutions that represent secure investments for:

  • optimizing business processes, business data analysis and performance management for Oil & Gas companies;
  • storing and preserving the information within company in the secure way, according to the specific business standards and regulations.