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Good contacts must be maintained. With customer interaction solutions from Kapsch

Show me how you communicate with your customers, and I will tell you whether or not you will remain in business. From inquiries to orders to criticism, all of your company’s interactions with customers should take place in the most optimal way possible. Customer interaction solutions from Kapsch are suitable not only for classic call centers. In fact, every customer-facing department can reap long-term benefits from these solutions. It is important to view every part of your company that has contact with customers as an active “contact point” and to utilize it accordingly. Bring your experts and their specialized knowledge into play. Integrating unified communications and presence information into your customer interaction solutions from Kapsch gives your employees real-time access to specialists and relevant back office employees.

Secure greater customer loyalty and expand your customer base.
Regardless of the channel you use to communicate with your customers – telephone, Internet (Web chat) or e-mail, customer interaction solutions from Kapsch automatically structure incoming messages according to the needs of your customers and the competencies of your employees. When a new contact comes in, via whichever medium, your employees have all the relevant information about the customer and the associated company at their disposal even before accepting the contact. For example, this could take place through integration of your CRM or ERP application. The result: seamless interaction with your customers to maximize the potential of every customer relationship.

Transparency, analysis, information.
Stay constantly informed. With customer interaction solutions from Kapsch, you enjoy a full overview of your customer contacts and communication thanks to the analysis of current and historical data for maximum customer service across all communication channels: telephone, e-mail, fax, SMS and Web chat.

Strengthen customer loyalty with outbound campaigns and proactive contact management.
Reach out to your customers with proactive processes. Not only does this make a good impression, it can also have a direct, positive effect on profits. Our solutions permit both “actions” and “reactions”. Your employees stay productive even when the incoming call volume is low, and you can flexibly manage your business.