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Customer Relationship Management

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is the strategy used for finding out more about customers’ needs and behavior and for developing a stronger connection between the company and its customers. A better customer relationship is most of the times the key to success. CRM solutions manage and optimize the customer relationship, facilitating the implementation of the company’s strategy for getting new customers, keeping the existing customers and growing the business. Kapsch Romania is a valuable partner for professional services and solutions related to CRM analysis, implementation and optimization, which sustain various business processes or activities within the company:

  • Customer Profitability - Identifying the most profitable customers is the first step to acquire new, profitable customers as well as increase the profitability of the existing ones.
  • Customer Lifetime Value - A customer may have the potential of buying profitable products in the future and may also serve as an excellent reference for more profitable customers.
  • Customer Segmentation - Segmentation is used to segregate customers who exhibit common characteristics in different segments. These segments can then be treated as distinct entities and the future interaction with them can be tailored accordingly.
  • Customer Attrition - Acquiring new customers is much more costly than retaining existing ones according to numerous studies. Customer attrition analysis is an essential step in customer retention.
  • Target Marketing - Marketing to a specific customer group is a natural outcome of customer segmentation.
  • Campaign Analysis - Effective advertising campaigns that consistently deliver on their marketing performance objectives are the result of skilled advertising personnel, extensive knowledge of the target market segment as well as excellent understanding of past successes and failures.
  • Cross-Selling - Cross-selling can be a major source of selling for a company. For effective cross-selling, existing data can be leveraged to quickly zero-in on new products that may be required by existing customers.
  • Forecasting - Effective forecasting is the base of future profit and capital invested wisely.