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Monitor and manage security systems in real-time

No company can afford to lose its perspective on the security status of its network. Risk management of company networks should encompass the integrated and intelligent administration and handling of security-related processes and activities. Along with identity management solutions, security information and event management services (SIEM for short) are key components within the context of security in company networks.

SIEM from Kapsch is what is known as an ”umbrella” solution. In other words, all relevant security systems of a company network are integrated into a real-time management process and monitored accordingly. SIEM serves for rapid investigation and determination of the root causes of security problems and violations of security-related regulations, making it an effective instrument for lowering costs as well. The measures can be configured easily, allowing them to be adapted to the regulations and best practices within your company.

The Kapsch solution includes:

  • Integrated, automated security management in real-time and monitoring of compliance with regulations across all systems and networks.
  • A body of rules for improving IT guidelines and initiatives.
  • Automatic documentation and reporting for all security, system and access events throughout the entire company.
  • Integrated administration and handling of incidents and problems.
  • Verification and monitoring of compliance with internal regulations and statutory requirements, including Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA, GLBA, FISMA and others.