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From the security strategy to the security system

Networks are sensitive, “open” systems and are correspondingly susceptible to a number of security-related faults and attacks. Kapsch ensures that your company network is carefully and reliably “sealed”. The solutions from Kapsch include firewalls as filters against attacks from the outside, solutions to prevent unauthorized access to protected data from the inside, an overview of data flows from the source to the destination, controlled Internet and bandwidth access.
From this portfolio, Kapsch develops a complete solution just for you. We look forward to answering your questions.

An absolute requirement to prevent attacks from the outside. Kapsch uses technologies such as Application Level Gateway and Stateful Inspection. The “intelligent firewall” from Kapsch: An easy-to-administer and effective solution for company networks of all sizes and industries.

Intrusion detection/prevention:
Roughly 80 percent of all attacks to a network come from the company itself. The intrusion prevention and detection system (IDS/IPS) is activated as soon as a “hole in the system” appears or an employee attempts to obtain access to an area not open to him. The system then alarms the people responsible for such instances or initiates automatic countermeasures.

IP netflow monitoring:
The use of IP flow analysis software provides the system administrator with a network-wide view of the IP data flow. This “forensic database” saves all flows from the routers/switches, making it possible to perform a well-informed analysis before taking further action.

Virus protection:
Anti-virus solutions from Kapsch capitalize on mutual synergies and guarantee consistent, multi-level protection that starts at the gateway and servers and extends to each individual workstation. And in the event that the IT infrastructure of your company is infected by a computer virus, we “clean” the system with the newest and most appropriate technologies and methods.

Web access management:
Internet access within a company must be monitored for a wide range of reasons. These include not only the effective blocking of prohibited websites but also optimal distribution of the traffic and access bandwidth. With the intelligent user management system from Kapsch, it is possible to define for each individual user which services, applications and bandwidth volumes may be used.