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Authentification, authorization, accounting, administration

Mobile, fast and media-independent data access by employees is now a fixed part of the communication culture of companies. But this valuable flexibility still presents risks to the security of the entire company network. The question is: How can one securely open the network without placing restrictions on mobile users?

Mobile security solutions from Kapsch cover a broad spectrum: from secured remote maintenance to the use of  virtual private networks (IPSec, VPNs, SSL VPNs) and data encryption.

Kapsch mobile security solution portfolio:

Remote maintenance:
SecureRemoteAccess securely offers system access exclusively to authorized persons.

Virtual private network (SSL VPN solutions):
For a secure and encrypted connection between multiple locations or between employees in the company network over public networks. Various security technologies are used here – according to the Kapsch motto ”Authentification, Authorization, Accounting, Administration”: From one-time passwords via token cards to access control servers with user rights or a complete PKI infrastructure for corresponding user certificates. 

Data encryption:
In this area, Kapsch works with special solutions that do not require additional system resources.