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ITS Solutions
Press releases.

Current press releases

Kapsch TrafficCom – Republic of Belarus to improve road safety and traffic flow.
Republican Unitary Enterprise Minskavtodor-Center (RUE Minskavtodor-Center) has selected a joint venture of Kapsch TrafficCom Transportation S.A.U. and Kapsch TrafficCom AG to design, implement and maintain the new Traffic and Road Safety Coordination Center (TRSCC) and to deliver various Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) components.
Kapsch TrafficCom – Results for financial year 2019/20.
The final earnings for financial year 2019/20 published today by Kapsch TrafficCom hardly deviate from the anticipated revenues and operating result (EBIT) announced on April 20, 2020.
Kapsch TrafficCom – After Corona: Austrians prefer to take their car rather than public transport.
Nearly 90 percent of motorists in Austria consider taking an alternative route to avoid traffic jams and congested roads. For only about half, using public transport is an option.
Kapsch TrafficCom Survey: What a new start on the roads after Corona looks like.
Car drivers want to travel quickly – not save the environment
Car drivers fed up with congestion worldwide – Traffic Index study reveals.
4/21/2020 photo
Due to the current pandemic, most roads around the world are nearly empty. But under normal circumstances car drivers in the Americas, Europe, and Australia are not at all satisfied with the traffic flow in their countries.
City of Málaga and Kapsch sign agreement to test and develop latest demand and capacity management in urban traffic.
The cooperative agreement with Kapsch TrafficCom will make Málaga the first city in Europe to test the latest dynamic signaling system and real-time traffic optimizer for the improvement of urban mobility.
Kapsch TrafficCom – Results for the first three quarters of 2019/20.
Kapsch TrafficCom was able to increase the revenues of the first three quarters 2019/20 to EUR 545.5 million (+2.3%).
Federal Court Affirmatively Dismisses All Neology Claims of Patent Infringement Against Kapsch to Open 6C Tolling Standard.
Kapsch TrafficCom is pleased to report the United States District Court in Delaware has dismissed with prejudice Neology, Inc. (Neology)’s outstanding patent infringement-related claims against Kapsch.
Intelligent system for public transport management in Castellón marks the end of a successful year for Kapsch TrafficCom in Spain.
12/19/2019 photo
Kapsch TrafficCom has announced it is implementing an intelligent public transport system in the city of Castellón, in order to manage mobility more efficient.
Kapsch TrafficCom presents latest mobility solutions at Gulf Traffic Conference in Dubai.
12/6/2019 photo
Kapsch TrafficCom will showcase the latest integrated mobility solutions in realistic scenarios at this year’s Gulf Traffic in Dubai. Kapsch offers a broad scope in terms of highway and urban mobility management capabilities, tolling, V2X, MaaS, and a multi-modal back office.