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In recent years the paper vignettes traditionally used to charge light vehicles for driving on the main roads are disappearing, being replaced by electronic vignettes for a variety of reasons including more efficient enforcement, lower costs and improved convenience for drivers.

The electronic vignette clearly has an advantage as it eliminates the costs for the production and distribution of the physical paper vignette. In addition, it enables new online sales channels by using smartphones and web portals. Further, it allows for more efficient enforcement as only the license plate number needs to be read and verified.

The Kapsch eVignette solution is built on our broad know-how gathered from years of experience deploying and operating nationwide tolling systems, in particular with respect to enforcement. The right amount of enforcement is key to a high compliance rate. Kapsch offers a powerful complete enforcement package consisting of permanent and easy-deployable portable solutions as well as mobile enforcement cars for full flexibility during enforcement operations.

  • Improved convenience for road users through easier registration
  • Modern distribution channels using Smartphones and Web portals
  • Less costs for distributing vignettes
  • Significant improvement of vignette enforcement rate
  • More vignette income through higher compliance of road users