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About us

Kapsch DOOEL Skopje is a part of the Kapsch Group and Kapsch CarrierCom and operates in Macedonia since Kapsch acquired "Teleinformatichki sistemi - Doo Skopje" in 2007 in order to get closer to its local customers.

In its activities, Kapsch DOOEL Skopje is oriented towards innovation and improvement of existing systems in order to maximize the utilization of customers’ existing communications infrastructure, which also means saving money and resources.

Our currently ongoing activities are:

  •  Implementation of microwave telecommunications service and internal communications network improvement for a producer and transporter of electricity.
  •  Implementation of GGSN which improves the performance and optimizes the telecommunications traffic for a mobile network operator.
  •  Implementation and maintenance of end user services such as iFun, RBT over WEB, WAP, SMS and MGW platforms for a mobile network operator.

At the same time, as modernizing the telecommunication systems infrastructure of its customers, Kapsch DOOEL Skopje also implements safety systems in accordance with European and Macedonian laws, for protection at work and preservation of our environment.