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Press release


Fluidtime and UbiGo pave new ways of intermodal mobility in Sweden

As a first step of the cooperation, the mobility service app UbiGo will be relaunched in Stockholm in the beginning of 2018. Fluidtime is responsible for the data management and development of IT infrastructure.

Austrian IT supplier Fluidtime, a Kapsch Group company, and Swedish start-up UbiGo join forces to speed up the implementation of Mobility-as-a-Service operations in Sweden. A full roll-out in Stockholm is envisaged, starting with a pilot during 2018 as the first step. The overall technical implementation of the mobility solution is designed by Fluidtime. Michael Kieslinger, CEO Fluidtime, notes: “For this project, we had to develop a powerful and scalable mobility platform that enables our mobility provider UbiGo to concentrate on offering a good service to the users and creating value for the transport providers at the same time. Thereby, UbiGo benefits from our wide experience and insights in all aspects of Mobility-as-a-Service.”

Subscription on a wide range of mobility

The mobility App UbiGo combines public transport, car-sharing, rental car services and taxi to one intermodal on-demand mobility service. It is based on a flexible monthly subscription with an account that is shared among all members of a household, easy to top up and with the option to save what has not been used to the next month. The service offers an easy and sustainable everyday life without having to own a car. “Based on first-hand experience, we know how to run a sustainable MaaS-business. Through the cooperation with Fluidtime, we now have the chance to prove it in full scale, but also to support local and regional partners to establish similar services in their cities”, says UbiGo Innovation CEO Hans Arby.

Fluidtime uses a cloud-based data platform called FluidHub to manage the data transfer between transport service providers, the mobility application and customers. FluidHub facilitates to work with different data sources while building up a user-friendly mobility solution based on sophisticated technologies to cope with today’s transport challenges in smart cities and regions.

First Gothenburg, now Stockholm

The MaaS pilot will firstly be launched in Stockholm in March 2018. A full Roll-Out is scheduled by the end of 2018. Other cities in Sweden may follow. The current pilot project is part of the Horizon2020 CiViTAS Eccentric project with the City of Stockholm as site leader. The households will have access to Public transport, Car Sharing, Car rental, Taxi and the city bike system, as well as 24/7 support. The Relaunch of UbiGo is based on the experiences gained within the very successful and thoroughly evaluated Go:Smart/UbiGo MaaS pilot project with 70 paying households in 2014. The main take away was that people really changed their behavior and were happy with it. Since then, UbiGo has worked with the public transport community to find models for the crucial integration of public and commercial services, along with the refinement of the business model and service concept.

Fluidtime is an internationally recognized provider of IT systems in the area of integrated mobility and Mobility as a Service (MaaS). With FluidHub, the company creates an open ecosystem which integrates local and (inter)national mobility services and meets the challenges of Smart Cities & Regions. In cooperation with transport service providers, Fluidtime connects transport needs with the existing transport offers. Transport service providers become more visible and can reach more customers. Moreover, the solution provides an easy opportunity for mobility service providers to supply customers, employees and travelers with new kinds of smart mobility offers. All that creates the preconditions under which travelers can be provided with easily accessible, affordable and sustainable mobility alternatives. The multi-award-winning company with its headquarters in Vienna was founded in 2004. By the investment of Kapsch TrafficCom in 2016, Fluidtime further strengthens its market position. For more information, please visit:

Kapsch TrafficCom is a provider of intelligent transportation systems in the fields of tolling, traffic management, smart urban mobility, traffic safety and security, and connected vehicles. As a one-stop solutions provider, Kapsch TrafficCom offers end-to-end solutions covering the entire value creation chain of its customers, from components and design to the implementation and operation of systems. The mobility solutions supplied by Kapsch TrafficCom help make road traffic safer and more reliable, efficient, and comfortable in urban areas and on highways alike while helping to reduce pollution.

Kapsch TrafficCom is an internationally renowned provider of intelligent transportation systems thanks to the many projects it has brought to successful fruition in more than 50 countries around the globe. The family-owned company is headquartered in Vienna, Austria and in 2017 celebrated 125 years of successfully developing and implementing new technologies for the benefit of its customers. As part of the Kapsch Group, Kapsch TrafficCom has subsidiaries and branches in more than 30 countries. It has been listed in the Prime Market of the Vienna Stock Exchange since 2007 (ticker symbol: KTCG). Kapsch TrafficCom currently has more than 4,800 employees, and generated revenue of approximately EUR 648 million in fiscal year 2016/17.


Contact details:

Stefanie Pichler
Marketing & Communications Manager
Fluidtime Data Services GmbH
P +43 (0)1 5860 180
Hans Arby
Founder and CEO
UbiGo Innovation AB
P +46 (0)705 155599

Alexandra Vieh
Head of Marketing and PR, Global
Kapsch TrafficCom AG
Am Europlatz 2, 1120 Vienna, Austria
P +43 50811 1728