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Kapsch TrafficCom from A to Z

In the glossary you will find definitions for terms common to Kapsch TrafficCom and the Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) market. If you find a term missing, please email us ( and we will send you the definition as well as add it to the glossary.

ANPR Automatic number plate recognition – method that uses optical character recognition (OCR) on images to automatically identify the license plate number of a vehicle
ATMS Advanced traffic management systems to monitor traffic, optimize signal timing, and regulate the flow of traffic
AVIS Systems for transmitting traffic-related vehicle information to travelers before or during the trip as well as for providing navigation services
CEN Comité Européen de Normalisation (European Committee for Standardization) – responsible for defining common legislative procedures for contractual obligations among toll operators to achieve interoperability in toll collection systems in Europe (CEN Standards)
CVO Commercial vehicle operations – systems for operating commercial vehicles in order to enhance freight carrier productivity and safety
DSRC Dedicated short-range communication – one-way or two-way short- to medium-range wireless communication channels designed for communication between on-board and roadside equipment
ETC Electronic toll collection to enable drivers to pay toll fees without stopping at toll stations
GDP Gross domestic product is the market value of all officially recognized final goods and services produced within a country in a given period of time
GHz Gigahertz
GNSS Global navigation satellite system – standard generic term for satellite navigation systems that provide autonomous geo-spatial positioning with global coverage
GPS Global Positioning System
GPRS General Packet Radio Service
GSM Global system for mobile communication – standard to describe technologies for digital cellular networks
IMF International Monetary Fund, headquartered in Washington, D.C., United States, is a special organization of the United Nations to promote international economic cooperation, international trade, employment, and exchange rate stability
ISO International Organization for Standardization
ITS Intelligent transportation systems, in which information and communication technologies are employed to support and optimize road transportation, including infrastructure, vehicles, users and industry
LAN Local Area Network
MHz Megahertz
MLFF Multi-Lane Free-Flow
OECD The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development is an international economic organization of 34 countries founded in 1961 to stimulate economic progress and world trade
OHSAS Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series
On-Board Unit An on-board unit (OBU) is an electronic device readable and writeable via wireless communication. An OBU identifies a vehicle and/or serves as a payment means and/or as data memory for vehicle and/or personal data
PVTMS Public vehicle transportation management systems to facilitate management of both local and long-distance public transportation
TEUR Thousand euros
Transceiver A roadside mounted radio communication device for the bidirectional data exchange to on-board units by means of dedicated short-range communication (DSRC). In the U.S.A. often referred to as reader
Transponder A transponder is an on-board equipment with a dedicated short-range communication (DSRC) interface and a buzzer as the only human-machine interface to the driver
V2X Vehicle-to-X is the abbreviation for vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) and vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2I) communication, a core technology for managing and improving future traffic safety and mobility
VDC Vehicle Detection and Classification
VDR Vehicle Detection and Registration
VÖNIX The VBV Austrian Sustainability Index is a stock index that comprises listed Austrian companies that play a leading role in terms of their social and environmental performance
VPS Vehicle Positioning Systems
VR-2 Vehicle Registration System
WAN Wide Area Network
WAVE Wireless access in vehicular environment refers to a set of emerging standards for mobile wireless radio communications