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ITS World Congress Detroit

V2X demo at ITS World Congress 2014

Communication from Vehicle to Infrastructure (V2I) or vice versa (I2V), or from Vehicle to Vehicle (V2V) is commonly called "V2X". At the ITS World Congress, held in Detroit from 7th to 11th September 2014, we will show for the first time our V2X end to end capabilities by demonstrating the full V2X system integration, incorporated into our DYNAC Traffic Management solution.

The solution has been designed to enable seamless communication over TCP/IP, ITS-G5 5.9GHz, and Bluetooth at the same time. Ready for the global marketplace, it addresses the reliability and comfort of a DYNAC V2X system for both operators and road users. The integration of V2X functionalities in DYNAC, a proven system environment, shows the easy management of V2I and I2V simultaneously.

Using Kapsch TrafficCom 5.9 GHz equipment, the roadside ITS station (MTX-9450), the vehicle ITS station (EVK-3300) and the central ITS station (DYNAC), a complete V2X end to end system is given. The development is based on existing ETSI/CEN standards including the most recent specifications from the ITS corridor project ECo-AT (part of the European ITS corridor).

The demonstration includes a 37 km highway route. Along this path several Cooperative ITS use cases will be demonstrated, e.g. road works warning (RWW), in-vehicle information (IVI) - speed limits, hazardous location notification, bad weather warning and more.

Within the Infrastructure to Vehicle (I2V) demonstration DYNAC, which acts as the central ITS station (C-ITS-S), will send generated messages to the vehicle ITS station (V-ITS-S) via the roadside ITS station (R-ITS-S) based on ETSI ITS-G5 communication standard. Additionally, the V-ITS-S will send the received information to an android tablet via a common Bluetooth interface. The tablet demonstrates an in-car human machine interface (HMI) device.

In a second scenario the Vehicle to Infrastructure (V2I) operation will be demonstrated. The V-ITS station will generate incidents, similar to cars in real environment. These messages will be sent to DYNAC via the R-ITS-S. After receiving the messages in DYNAC the operator will verify the incident and a warning will be displayed in DYNAC´s graphical user interface. Further the incident will be reported back to the V-ITS-S and shown on the HMI. This allows precise statements about traffic conditions to the relevant vehicles only. 

V2I and I2V in parallel

At the Kapsch stand visitors can experience the drivers view to the information, available at the android tablet. When obtaining information from the large flatscreen monitors on the wall within the booth, he/she will simultaneously discover the operators view provided by DYNAC. Visitors will get all relevant information in parallel – with a slight head movement.